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9 tips to Rise Android’s performance better

You find your android so slow so we will offer tips to Rise Android’s performance better
There are many secrets to speed up android for better performance
Peekerscitech was talked about many android smartphones such as Samsung galaxy note 9, Samsung galaxy s10 and top 9 huawei phone 

Tips to Rise Android’s performance

1-Update the Android operating system

You must update the android OS to the latest version
Also there are inside it features and the most up to date security patches
This process will be important and easy

2-kill the bloatware

It is the pre installed apps by the manufacturer of your device
You must remove bloatware of your device to save storage space or prevent apps from automatically updating

3-Use the built in file manager

This app is very important to know how space is left and view all the apps installed on your android
Also copy files to the cloud

4-make space

Like any phone it becomes sluggish if it is full of applications and stuff
With more crowded your device, it is difficult to find important information or images
Now it is a good time to back up data
There you get it easily to a new device or restore it

5-use autocorrect

You must to use autocorrect dictionary and managing setting
Or try testing a third party keyboard to watch if its autocorrect functionality works better

6-Extend the battery life

Nothing damaged productivity as a dead or dying battery
Now you will find two easy solutions
Carry a portable charger or make the battery last longer
Also turn off wifi and Bluetooth when you are not using it
Also use the power saving mode in android

7-Set up default apps

Go to the device setting, then you will find out which apps selected as the default for certain actions

8-Use an android launcher

It is considering easy to use but is sometimes changed by the manufacturer
If you have Samsung smartphones, you will need to steps
1-switch to a device that works android system
2-download an android launcher to customize your home screen and manage apps
It provides options to personalize color schemes
Also resize elements on the screen

9-take security seriously

Android smartphones is faced security flaws
Do not click links or open attachments from unknown senders and update your device
There set up the android device manager to lock your device remotely
You can encrypt your device for the best privacy



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