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9 xbox one features push you to purchase it

Microsoft was able to attract attention at the recent E3 conference, with the launch of the upcoming Scorpio project and the new Xbox One S console, which brings a host of xbox one features  that make it the perfect choice for Xbox players after launching into the market in August.
The new Xbox One S may not compare to the upcoming Xbox One project, but Microsoft has offered some of the best features that make it a candidate for you at the moment, and in the next few lines we will review the 9 best features of the new Xbox One S console.

 xbox one features

1-Xbox One S gaming console is launched to the market at a good price

Xbox One S
Xbox One S gaming console is launched to the market at a good price

The Xbox One feature One gaming console will start selling in the United States for $ 299, but the 500GB model will be available at the end of this year. The 2TB model is available for $ 399 at the end of August, and a third terabyte model will also be available. In the United States for $ 349.

But there is a user choice in the original Xbox One console, which offers a recent discount of up to $ 279 for the 500GB model, but does not offer new features as an Xbox One S unit.
2. Better design and size in the Xbox One S

 Better design
Better design and size in the Xbox One S


The Xbox One S comes with a new design that is 40% smaller than the original model. The new size also mimics the PlayStation 4 platform. It also provides space for the home entertainment segment. The device also has a stand to mount the device vertically, so the user has more than one choice. Install the game console.
3-Xbox One S guarantees uninterrupted power supply

The original Xbox One has a large-size power adapter, unlike the new Xbox One S platform that follows the PlayStation 4 design to move power in interior design, ensuring that the power supply is not interrupted during games.

4-The Xbox One S console offers more storage

The Xbox One S comes with a premium model with a maximum storage capacity of up to 2TB, doubling the current capacity of both Xbox One and PS4, providing greater storage for all your favorite games.

5. The Xbox One S console supports 4K and HDR resolution

Xbox One S
The Xbox One S console supports 4K and HDR resolution

The Xbox One is expected to have a better video and gaming experience with support for 4K resolution ie 3820 in 2160 pixels as well as HDR, but 4K support is for video and not games, which means compatibility with monitors to see vibrant colors and black color with a more immersive experience .
6. Compatibility with Blu-ray video playback technology

4K and HDR video resolution can support Netflix and Amazon broadcasts, but the Xbox One S gaming console also features 4K Blu-ray playback, so it supports any content to emulate the Samsung UBD-K8500 at or below the same price. In addition to playing great games.

7-Xbox One S comes with an infrared ray amplifier to control the devices

One of the new features in the new Xbox One console is the removal of Kinect’s motion sensor, which has reduced the price of the platform by $ 150. The Kinect sensor remains an optional addition to the new Xbox One S console. You will need a USB adapter to mount the Kinect platform, But the new device comes with other features based on the idea of Kinect, through the infrared amplifier, which supports you to control the TV or cable box to simulate a remote control.
8 – New upgrade to the console of the Xbox One S

The Xbox One S console comes with new features that give the user a better handle design, a wider range of connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and an Xbox wireless controller that allows you to use it with devices via Bluetooth connectivity with a desktop computer, Smart phones, without the need for USB.
9-Xbox One S supports almost all original unit features

The original console features of the Xbox One console are not different from the new gaming platform except in the Kinect sensor. However, all other features are compatible with the current Xbox One, running the same games and all the positive enhancements Microsoft has added over the past few years Including redesigned user interface, support for Cortana Digital Assistant, compatibility with the Windows Store, compatibility with a growing list of Xbox 360 games and more.

Other choices before pre-order!

No doubt Microsoft is offering new features in the Xbox One S, but Microsoft still has a special version of the upcoming Scorpio project expected to be launched at the end of 2017, with support for 4K games, and current games with virtual reality display support, Which is expected from the PS4 platform with virtual reality technology, along with the Nintendo NX platform scheduled for launch in March 2017.

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