Addictive Online games for children

The most important thing that spreads today online games such as PUBG and Fortnite and others.
Then,addictive online games for children becomes more pervasive.
Games online is Useful for fun and learning some skills.
And causing the harmful If it is used more than necessary.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the secondary profits of the online games are equal 137.9Bn.

And there is a war between large companies to acquire the youth and children and gaining.
Dominant countriesin online games industry such as china, japan, USAand germany and others.
According to (WHO) online games caused gaming disorders not addiction
games is a hobby so, it is not addiction And there’s no withdrawal symptoms.

Addictive Online games:

Symptoms of gaming disorders:

1-it is becoming dominating all lives of a person and failure the social life.
So, The person will play all day without rest or focus with friends and family.
2- Parents must realize how much time a child spends in front of online games.
If they spend too much time for playing , it is a sign of gaming disorders.
3-How far do the games begin to affect the natural life of child.
Such as performance at school and activity with your friend.
4-He must be watched as a natural person with natural interests

cause of gaming disorder:

1- social disorder
A isolated child is more likely to be disturbed because he or she is playing in mobile instead of playing with friends
2-Psychological problems
such as anxiety and depression will lead to the gaming disorder
3-Some genetic factors.
4-The environment around the person and what goes through
The child can pass through painful and difficult situations that make him flee to online games.

Treatment of gaming disorders

most of the disorders come from lack of social media.so you have to go out the people because Human being a social organism.
You can not live alone,so the best treatment is deal with people.

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