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After Huawei crisis .. China plans to develop a system to protect technology security

system to protect technology security will be placed by China
After the fierce trade war between the Chinese company Huawei
and It blocks Google from Huawei and Huawei’s release of Google as a new system instead of Android

also A few days ago Google showed its decline after China’s threats to prevent the export of minerals needed by America

 peekerscitech talked about any news about Huawei  crisis

System to protect technology security

above all, The China Development and Reform Commission  charged with establishing an existing system to protect

and deal with national security risks more effectively,
PHYS said He did not say the move was linked to the commercial war or not

and would soon be unveiled
The battle between Washington and Beijing has not reach a compromise
also US President Trump put $ 200 on Chinese goods
so China responded by raising its customs on billions of dollars worth of US goods
and Last month, the trade war grew as Washington moved to blacklist Huawei
And  it added that related to National Security
China is trying to build an administrative mechanism to protect its key technologies in China, said a reporter from Global Times
and It is a big steep to develop their system and respond to what happened from America
China announces that Trump wants to Revolution Huawei  is the world leader in the fifth generation of android  smartphones

and has no US competition
firstlyFacebook also added a strong blow to Huawei to prevent its applications from appearing on Huawei’s phones
And that the applications will install on existing phones only

and have nothing to do with any phones will be issued in the future
also This will lead to a lower rate of sale of the company
After the customers announced their fears of buying Huawei devices
Google said that the current phones did not prevent them from Android and will get updates, but only new devices are what issued by this order


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