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All what you need to know about BITCOIN

All what you need to  know about BITCOIN

BITCOIN is a digital currency and do not controlled by the central bank or middle man such as the bank.
No one control the money or centralized.
The transfer fee is very low.
So, the government can not interfere or prevent or codify because bitcoin does Not issue by the Central bank…

Where will you buy bitcoin?

1-You need to have a e- wallet on the mobile so you will buy the bitcoin on the internet.
2- you have a website to offer the service, and the buyers will pay by bitcoin.
The bitcoin equals $5000 and over.
3-Work Mining to bitcoins china, they are doing their best to expand their site and open up more sites.
To put it simply,they are racing to an answer a question on the internet.
Whoever does the correct calculation will be rewarded.
The reward are bitcoin, a digital currency,
at our peak, they were able to mine as many as 100 bitcoins a day.

How the bitcoin works ?

Anyone can make a bitcoin miner.
It Uses coding techniques and mathematical algorithms to solve a complex mathematical issue in a certain time to do bitcoin.
Numbers of bitcoin are not more than 21 million digital currency.
Bitcoin has ATM its own.
And you can convert Bitcoin From your e-wallet to the currency of the country where you live.
There are Bitcoin in many country such as USA,Canada and Greece.
1-It Used to check by phone number.
2-enter your mobile number, You have a daily withdrawal limits equal $500.
3-Click on a specific number such as $100,then click pay.
4-and check a bill.
5-it will send you a message This is really your number
6-You mustlinkBitcoin address to your phone number.
7-Bitcoin is free to anyone.


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