All you need to know about virtual reality

Virtual reality has become in  modern  technology more prevalent or imaginary reality.
It  is a 3d world.
Through special glasses and isolate you from the real world.
Then it will enter the computer technology.

also it includes for fourth industrial revolution

virtual reality

It is designed to live in it and interact with the factors.
When the glass moves,it moves around you.
Because you entered the virtual reality,you will feel like other person.
Your brain moves from the real world to the virtual world.


History of the virtual reality:

idea of virtual reality comes from appearance of panorama drawings
in 1883, Charles Winston said that Each eye sees a different image than the other to configure the dimensions.
The great development occurred in 1929,by Edward link
the first virtual reality used to train pilots
and Flight Simulator without the use of a real air plane.
This Simulates the air plane movement and the air plane interaction with the controllers.
Another person wrote book about the virtual reality in the last century.
molten helg made a real revolution is called sensoria.

He discovered a video. The person enters and feels and sees as being in the event actually.
Another invention is a device that rides on the head and moves with the head.
The another device is called head site to show the Photos of dangerous place by 3D.
Ivan thasrland is the godfather to virtual reality.
Ivan discovered a device rides on the head but the computer is main composition.
also, he invented a method of drawing on computer.
It is called sketch pad.
gerion lenior isThe most important innovators in virtual reality.
He developed the virtual reality for kids.
Sega company also developed it .
Such as Nintendo and other.
Virtual reality versions featured more in games.

The negative impact for  virtual reality :

1- It affects the way you think about things.
the scientist uses to cure the phobia because Strong impact on the brain.
2- Lack of sense of reality.
your brain can not able Differentiate between reality and imagination.
Sometimes it creates really strong reactions in reality.

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