Alternative energy pros and cons


Above all, there are huge numbers of features that speak of alternative energy

We will present the most important alternative energy sources with advantages and disadvantages for each of them

We can not repair the environment after the real pollution and destruction caused by traditional means of energy production

There are many advantages to alternative energy and there are some disadvantages that need to be solve

Alternative Energy


Firstly, Environmental benefits


the main advantage of alternative energy over fossil fuels. Solar and wind power virtually produce zero carbon emission are zero carbon emission

also,wood provides a sustainable and inexpensive energy for heating but it must to be the fire woods source in sustainably managed forest.


Secondly, Increased energy security

In the distribution of fossil fuels is not organize and non-adaptive.
The exporting countries in the world economy are becoming very few.
While the use of alternative energy always supports the reduction of international energy supply.
And of course leads to the provision of energy security available and then the energy is stable and safe


Thirdly, Sustainability

they offer sustainable and stable energy supply in the long term
such as solar energy will never stop appearing and supply scans.
Wind power always works and renews it is obsolete and


Now we will discuss the other part of alternative energy and its challenges

Firstly, High cost

the technologies that use alternative sources of energy remain relatively expensive
Which has led to a significant impact on energy prices and you will hurt the global economy
In spite of the benefits of alternative energy, it is specialized in a particular class and does not match the whole world

 Secondly, Low efficiency

Investors are still offering their money more on low cost green technology and the result is guaranteed
They regard alternative energy as relatively new and inefficient

 Thirdly, Issues with the stability of the system

The system is going to produce energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions but is also interested in energy demand and not just supply.
the investors  will become unstable in demand and supply with alternative energy uses.
For example, solar energy can not meet demand

Finally, Everything has disadvantages and advantages. You have to focus on features, skip and try to hide defects


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