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Alternative energy solution
Alternative energy solution

Alternative energy solution


These alternative energy solutions include solar photo voltaic energy, solar thermal energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy and biomass energy

This energy is taken from renewable energy sources that do not end.
They are environmentally friendly or green energy
Although it is clean energy only cause some pollution such as nuclear power

Alternative energy solution

The solution can lead to reduce on fossil fuels and variegation
of electricity supply
also, creation of employment and new industries
cut down on global warming and lower air pollution and
While demand for energy increases. Increasing interest in alternative energy

All that is need  effective state policies to give investors’ confidence to expand the markets for these products

Also, Countries in the world also need to realize the importance of alternative energy

such as 

India is one of the countries that has taken an active role in renewable energy

Of the most important of these companies is Amplus Solar
Amplus solar works in generation of distributed solar power plants
This company thinks In the expansion of other energy fields

There are four proposed substitutes for alternative energy solutions

Alternative energy solution


Firstly, It  considers clean energy and has a number of features
It is available several times of uranium
With an estimated thorium reserve can provide for 10,000 years

investors uses thorium as a fuel and may be developed for grid electricity production

2- Osmotic energy

When there is a link between fresh water and salt water because of a problem in salt concentration
A semi-permeable membrane is then placed between two volumes of water
After this process generate electricity
This energy i consider clean but not sufficient

3-Algae fuel

This energy generates electricity by micro-algae and the use of photosynthesis
Biofuels system concerns On this type of fuel from the dumpster it will compete with fossil fuels

4- New generation wind turbines

The main problem in traditional wind turbines is that their size is very high and causes a nuisance and depending  on meteorological

Despite their strong influence, they interested in making turbines that solved the size problem and also worked with low wind speed


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