Android apps for free and the best of it

Android apps spread in google play store and there are many android apps for free you can find it in this article
Therefore do not miss out this topic

Android apps

1-adobe scan

the Adobe Scan app, you do not have to be compelled to add a lot of hardware to your school setup. Scan necessary documents along with your phone and switch them into PDFs that may be sent anyplace. The app even permits you to boost pictures to your feeling and comes with OCR capabilities.

Android apps
Android apps


You can use authy to set up two factor authentication for practically every service you use
Authy is compatible with facebook account, amazon and gmail many more websites
It runs offline, can connect between multiple devices and offers cloud backups to ensure you never get locked out

Android apps
Android apps


Citymapper brings all possible methods of transportation to get you the fastest route to your destination
Lead to real-time transit status alerts and location-based alarms
Also, it connects with the local bike and car shares for bike availability and the best pickup locations

Android apps
Android apps

4-Google photos

It is a photo gallery and you enjoy free unlimited cloud storage with powerful built-in editing features, smart albums and searchable autotagging
You can share photos with others and offers shared libraries to keep friends and families connected


It gives you to set automated commands to your android smartphones that can be carried out when certain conditions are met such as start playing music as soon as you get home
It stays prepared for the weather with custom daily forecast



It offers advanced password management features that few free competitors
And it syncs across windows, macOS, android and lock important web credentials inside your secure LastPass vault
Therefore the app will autofill logins and passwords on the web

7-Microsoft oneNote

You can use Microsoft oneNote in type, hand write, draw and insert web clippings right in the app
With categorize your note just like if it was a physical notebook, create sections, add tags and search all content inside the program
Also, you can scan physical pages and make the text searchable

Android apps
Android apps


You can manage all your finances in one place whether bank account, credit cards, bills and investment and track what you are spending and help save money
Also, you can use to keep track of bills and monitor your credit score

Android apps
Android apps

9-NPR One

It brings all of NPR together to create your own news radio station
It helps you to weaves together local and national news add or skip segments

Android apps
Android apps


It acts as a full movie maker right from your phone
Edit multiple tracks, add video effects, transitions and voiceovers and create 4k quality phone footage
With sharing your videos to social networking

Android apps
Android apps


It is a private calling and messaging app that gives you to talk with individuals or groups of friends in real-time without costing money
This open-source app uses your exiting phonebook to provide end to end encrypted messages

Android apps
Android apps




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