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Android P
Android P

Android P : Highlights and availability of the new version of Android

Google officially announced the next version of the Android operating system by the code name Android P or Android 9.0. Google has provided a preview version of the developers of Android P or Android 9.0 for download to users of its smart phone pixels, the next version of Android has many new features, Google will unveil more features and details about Android 9.0 at its annual iO 2018 Developers Conference scheduled for May.

The most prominent features of Android P revealed by Google

Google has recently announced a version of the Android P system for developers or a trial version, it is a trial version that anyone can upload but should not be downloaded unless you have a phone back up experience, and also difficult to try at the moment because it is used by Google devices only like Google Pixel, Excel 2, Excel XL and others, and the features of Android B come as follows.

Better improvements to alerts

Android P offers many improvements to alerts, including the ability to display images within alerts, as well as displaying more information within alerts such as the sender’s name and photo, as well as displaying appropriate interactions per alert and suggesting smart, ready responses to respond to messages easily and quickly through alerts.

Google has provided the ability to receive custom alerts from applications, and in Android P has added the ability to block specific alerts from an application. For example, a user can block notifications of Twitter messages only.

Android P
Android P

Support screens that carry a top part such as iPhone X

Many manufacturers of smartphones such as ASUS and other companies have launched a design similar to the iPhone X design, which holds an upper part in the middle of the screen, which makes Google support the display of content in screens with the same design, Google quoted the clock and alerts to the left to be more suitable for phones that Hold “Top Cut” on the screen.

Android P
Android P

Support multiple cameras

Most high-end smartphones running on Android are now available in two camcorders, such as the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S9 Plus and the Hewlett-Packard 10 Pro or Front, such as the Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus, but the manufacturers needed to develop features in their camera application. Android P, the operating system will support these features, which means that the user will be able to take advantage of the advantages offered by the presence of two cameras such as zoom and application of the effect of the Bouquet within other applications such as Snape Chat and InStagram and other applications.

View video and photos with better accuracy

Android P supports the HDR VP9 format, which makes it easy to watch HDR-compatible high-definition movies on devices that offer content in this format, and the next version of Android also supports the HEIF format, which allows viewing images at higher quality with up to half the compression of images compared to JPEG format, which provides more storage space for the user.

 Locating more precisely within places

Android P also supports Wi-Fi 802.11mc, also known as Wifi Round Trip Time, which provides the ability to track location while on the move in indoor places such as shopping malls and shopping malls.

Android P
Android P

Improvements to the design of the settings menu

Android P has a new, better design for the Android OS menu, with colorful icons representing each section, such as the network, screen, and battery, as well as improvements to the Quick Settings panel so that they now appear along the screen rather than on two pages.

Android P
Android P

You can take a picture of the screen from the power menu

Android P adds a screen capture button to the user when you press the power button, with better options for easily editing screen shots, drawing, and writing.

Android P
Android P

Best privacy for users

For better privacy, Android P restricts access to the microphone, camera, and built-in sensors. When phones are idle or when the user is not working on them. If the application tries to access the camera or record audio. For example, the operating system will not allow it, Android P offers better application access to the fingerprint sensor. With a better interface for users to ensure that fingerprint authentication comes from the same trusted source.

Google continues to improve power efficiency in Android P by improving the Doze feature and adding restrictions to background applications to increase battery life, improving autocomplete, performance improvements, and faster application opening and navigation.

Android P
Android P

When is Android P available to users?

The preview version for Android P developers is now available for users of Google Pixel and Excel Xls. As well as 2 pixels and 2x pixels through the Android developer site. But it is an unstable and endless version. Which the average user can not rely on in everyday use of his phone. The company will launch 4 beta versions of Android P before being officially released in the third quarter of 2018.

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