Android smartphone startup Essential is sued for allegedly stealing trade secrets

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as informed in Why it matters to you Essential, the startup behind the Essential Phone, is in hot water over a trade dispute over its wireless transfer tech.

Essential, the Droid smartphone startup backed with Droid co-founder Andy Rubin, hasn’t had the success some predicted.
On Tuesday, October 17, Keyssa, a wireless firm backed with iPod innovator and Nest founder Tony Fadell, filed a lawsuit versus Essential alleging that it stole trade secrets.
The dispute stems from Essential’s work with Keyssa’s transfer technology, that copies gigabit-size Utilizing a low-frequency network.
“Keyssa hasn’t been compensated for Essential’s Utilize of this guidance and know-how,” a spokesperson said Reuters.

This nasty fresh Droid ransomware encrypts your smartphone — and changes your PIN

A fresh form of Droid ransomware encrypts victims’ information and changes their PIN , making it nearly impossible to get their files back without paying a ransom.
First, such as other forms of ransomware, it encrypts the files on the device, in this status utilizing the AES encryption algorithm with the extension “cryeye”.
Secondly, the ransomware changes the PIN of device, effectively blocking the prey from Utilizing it in any way at all.
The attackers remotely reset the PIN the time the device is opened after the ransom is paid.
The better way for Droid users to avert falling prey to ransomware or other malware is to not download apps or Programming from third-party sites.
This Android ransomware phone

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Opinion: I need a Microsoft-powered Droid phone

But untill then I kind of need an Droid smartphone made with Microsoft.
With the release of the fresh MSFT Launcher and MSFT Edge on Android, Redmond this time has nearly all of the applications required to build a “Microsoft-powered” Droid phone.
All of these applications are connected to the MSFT ecosystem, and they can easy help MSFT make a Microsoft-powered Droid phone.
But then again, 1 can discuss which an Droid smartphone made with MSFT can be a differentiation factor with itself — just such as Google’s Pixel line of phones.
So an Droid smartphone made with MSFT which too comes with Google’s services is possible at the finish of the day.

You could speak to helper in Korean on your smartphone and Droid Wear watch

At I/O this year, Google pledged backing for the Korean language would be coming with the finish of the year to Assistant.
Then at the October Pixel event a couple of weeks ago, Google too stated which Actions on Google (third-party helper integrations from different services) this time backing Korean.
Between then and now, it appears which backing for the Korean language has gone live on Assistant.
However, since Google house has not released in South Korea yet, the Korean language is not yet supported on Google house (or speakers with helper or TV).
Anywho, if you’ve determine your smartphone to the ko-KR language, helper ought have either shown itself to you or going to soon.