Android smartphones tricks list you must to use it


There are many android smartphones tricks list do not overlook yourself about them
You will find smart ways to use your smartphones
Also peekerscitech was talked about android smartphones and many topics in information security and benefits of information security

Android smartphones tricks list

1-only hear from people you want

Sometimes we go through a period when we do not want to answer or even hear some calls
Instead of change your number or be forced into awkward conversations
Now you can set your smartphone to receive messages you want to talk it
In setting you will determine hitting your volume to give you alert options
Also you can choose who you deliver calls, messages and reminders

2-Give two fingers to quick setting

You can save precious seconds through this step
And the double digit motion puts WIFI controls
Also screen casting options and Bluetooth shortcuts
At your fingertips without any efforts

3-Set your smartphones to automatically unlock

When you are at home, you need to quite time
You can set your phone to unlock
You need quiet inside the house and more privacy
Go to the setting then security
After that trust agents then smart lock
This feature will work when your smartphones recognizes your face

4-Extend your phone’s battery life

You will find many ways to improve your handset’s staying power
In order to enhance your battery go to battery controls in setting
Then your smartphone should have a power saver mode option

5-Hide your embarrassing bits from friends

All people have privacy that they do not want anyone to see, whether it’s your personal photos or your own music
You can do it easily in android systems through
Go to the setting menu and press the user icon in the top corner
Then ass a guest and limit access


6-the easy way to dial a contact

With hundreds of contacts inside your phone you can find the desired number by in the keypad
You start typing the desired contact’s name in digits
With using old keyboard speak as your translation tool

7-Fill your phone with hundreds of free apps

There many free apps of android
You have to use free apps within Amazon
Such as cut the rope and everyone’s favorite animal impersonator
And goat simulator without loosening those purse strings
Many of them offer their services free of charge




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