The Top 10 Android system Smartphone games for 2018

Android system Smartphone games are a very important market and have become a huge profit for manufacturers and developers.

They have become quite a part of the attention of gaming professionals, especially on portable systems such as Ps Vita and 3DS.In the quality of fees and control.

In the following lines we will review the most powerful Android 2017 games,

and best strategy games for for 2017

including the best versions of the year in terms of reputation, and the number of downloads without a specific order.

Android system Smartphone games

The first Android system Smartphone games is Crashlands :

Crashlands is one of the best Android system Smartphone games ever released in 2016 and is still on top even a year after launch, thanks to the ongoing technical support from developers.

The game revolves around an exploratory spacecraft that falls on an unknown planet containing space objects that attack you continuously.

Your task is to collect the tools around you to build a base through which you can defend yourself, attack and destroy these objects.

The game contains many elements that you collect, and improve it to develop the base you own to operate more effectively.

The second game is Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Heartstone was released at the end of 2014 and is still winning prizes since its release. Even today,

millions of players around the world are playing, and by the end of 2018 this game is still one of the best games in the world.

The best cards that contain high-strength heroes to attack your opponent who also has unknown cards for you, and who has the best cards is who wins the end.

The game depends on your expectation of your opponent’s possession and attempt to defeat, and depends on the game to connect to the network almost completely; so that you can play with full properties.

The third Android system Smartphone games is Minecraft:

The game is the most successful and famous game in the history of games, which has been issued on almost all platforms and Nintendo switch 3D ,

whether portable or not, and played by millions of people around the world. The game centered around an open

and huge world that can get resources through the tools it has to adopt what you want According to the resources you own, and has the great freedom to do what you want within this huge world.

You’ll find many stages of survival, fighting to survive, defending yourself from attacks, or developing a group game that enables you to play online with many players around the world.

The fourth game is Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go caused a sensation when it launched and spread widely.

This is because it is the first Android system Smartphone games to  fully supported for this system,

and also because it uses the camera to hunt the Pokemon, which made us go through a period in 2016,

young people hold the phone and roam around the house and streets There have  some incidents because of this game.

The idea of the game is very simple as it is catching by phone camera in a realistic way, trying to assemble the best and greatest number of Pokemon.

Android system Smartphone games
Android system Smartphone games

Riptide GP Renegade:

The Riptide series is one of the best racing games on the Android system, thanks to the powerful graphics and the engine on which the game built, making it extremely flexible and versatile on most mobile phones.

The game revolves around a water racing driver who loses his driving license due to frequent infractions, loses his advanced position among the contestants, tries to get back to the front, and races in a circuit with water with other players in many circuits.

Unkilled android game:

Unkilled is the legitimate heir to the Dead Trigger 2, developed by the same studio as the MADFINGER. Its developers feature games that feature great graphics and do not need a strong phone to run them well.

The game revolves around a zombie attack on the city,

and you are trying to eliminate them in various ways, and the game contains 300 missions with the presence of a leader you fight in some missions.

Android system Smartphone games
Android system Smartphone games

Noodlecake Games

The Noodlecake Studio offers games of mystery and excitement such as realMyst

and other intelligent games such as Framed and Alto’s Adventure. This studio is based on light games that work on any phone, but also for many because of the quality of the graphics and the ideas it offers.

Indeed, he has successfully produced many successful games, some of which ranked first in the ranking of the best games of previous years.

Square Enix Games:

Square Enix is one of the most famous gaming studios in the world,

and presented many successful chains that suspended in the minds of many and many game lovers.

This studio offers jRPG games, and has been very successful in its introduction to the Android operating system. Most of the games already put on many gaming systems, and all that the studio do is to re-create the game to run on Android well, and remember For example, games such as: Final Fantasy, one of the most successful games launched several years ago to come back again, but on a mobile.

Telltale android system Games:

The idea of the Telltale games is also deep and long. You make the story and change it with your choices. At the end of the game, it is clear that you saved someone or killed another, which makes you want to play again to change your decisions and watch the end.

Telltale offers many of the artworks on the graphics level,

and also the story like Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, Batman, a Guardians of the Galaxy game,

The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft: Story Mode, and some of them are a game for a famous series or movie, Each 5-part game buys each part separately and can buy the parts in full and at a reduced price.


the best Android system Smartphone games ever released in 2016 and is still on top even a year after launch.

therefore It is very important to know his systems

there are nine Android system such as Android system Smartphone games is Crashlands,game is Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft

and Unkilled android game and more .

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