Google trying find out new look for gogle play store

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Let’s see if this “experiment” lasts or if it will change the way we search for apps on Google Play Store.
Of course there are still other search results in case you’re looking for something else, but they’re part of a side scrolling list.
Google likes to sometimes play around with what the Google Play Store UI looks like, and depending on the response of users, they sometimes keep it or discard it or try out something else.
This time around the new look involves bigger looking cards in the search results when it comes to what they determine is the app you’re actually looking for.
The old UI gives you equally sized card lists whenever you type in a search term in the Play Store.

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Dig Deep offers players randomly generated planets to explore, which should mean no two worlds will be exactly alike.
Best of all, the game is free, at least for now, for Android players and it does not have any in-app purchases.
It’s called Dig Deep, and its the first in a series of iOS games from publisher Noodlecake that is is porting over to Android.
We imagine you like playing free games.
 game Dig Deep

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Google Play Store Keeps Devices Safe With the Verify Apps Feature

The security team at Android has recently released their annual security report, which analyzes data for PHAs (Potentially Harmful Apps) over all the Android devices.
ConclusionThe only conclusion that deserves to be kept in mind when it comes to Android apps is that you should install them only from the official store, namely Google Play, if you want to keep your device 100% secure.
The team said that only 0.71% of the Android devices had installed PHAs in December 2016.
Regarding this, Android developers said that they are working to streamline the security update program.
Moreover, the file explains how the OS checks the apps for their behavior and offer statistics for the software updates for the devices.
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