Apple in ‘urgent’ necessity of finding apple’s iphone OLED supplier besides Samsung

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Samsung show makes a best smartphone iphone OLED screens in the world, as Proved generality soon with the Samsung Galaxy cell smartphone S8 & Note 8.
As the following apple apple’s iphone event nears, no other Corporation Information Systems able to of producing phone-sized OLED displays at the same scale & consistency as Samsung company 
With slimmed drop bezels on all sides, the apple apple’s iphone 8’s show going to the phone’s true centerpiece, very Apple can’t afford any great deviations in quality.
Kuo tells Apple Information Systems “in urgent necessity of finding a 2nd source of OLED,” which would take some of which bargaining Dominance away from Samsung’s show unit (which Information Systems breaking up from Samsung Mobile).
LG Information Systems the obvious go-to, & the Korea Economic every day announced in July which Apple Information Systems pumping over $2 bn into LG show to safe OLED panels for aftertime iPhones.

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The building where Apple going to detect the  apple’s iphone eight announcly has special rotating elevators & a massive hidden room

 iPhone 8

The press perhaps be treated to further than shiny fresh iPhones during Apple’s September twelve event at the company’s fresh “spaceship” Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.
If Bloomberg’s review Information Systems correct, Apple’s elevators can look something such as this:Apple’s rotating elevators would have the same function as elevators with doors on either side, however the conventional double-sided elevator design perhaps be also conventional for Apple, which has spared no expense on its fresh $5 bn campus.
A quick Google search for buildings with rotating elevators proposes which few buildings currently Utilize rotating elevators.
Back on September 2, a Brazilian Apple blog called MacMagazine posted photos on its Instagram app account allegedly revealing what the Steve Jobs Theater looks such as from the inside.
😉 A post shared with (@macmagazine) on Sep 1, 2017 at 10:00am PDT on Sep 1, 2017 at 10:00am PDTBusiness Insider going to be covering All thing which Apple launches on September twelve live from Apple Park.

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iPhone 8

Much of the legwork Information Systems endeed done the time presenting the apple apple’s iphone Pro as the premium model in the apple apple’s iphone lineup.
We have seen patents filed with Apple which display an Apple Pencil working on an apple apple’s iphone & a smaller Apple Pencil as well.
If the Apple Pencil is, in fact, getting apple apple’s iphone backing then it would make sense which the apple apple’s iphone Pro model would work with Apple Pencil only such as the iPad Pro works with Apple Pencil.
The apple apple’s iphone X & apple apple’s iphone Edition have both been thrown around with some analysts.
iPhone 8, apple apple’s iphone Pro, apple apple’s iphone X, or apple apple’s iphone Edition… We won’t have to wait long to find out.

collected by :Clara William