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Apple Iphone problems and how to fix it


Apple iPhone problems face different types of problems
We have to learn how to fix this problem

also, peekerscitech was talked about how to fix iphone problems

Apple iPhone problems

1-iPhone white screen of death

You can restart the phone if that fails to resolve the issue, hard reset your iPhone
In the other ways, there is a hard reset too so boot your iPhone in DFU
and Remember that hard reset and booting in DFU mode will clear all your setting and data on iPhone

2-lost iPhone data after upgrade or jailbreak

Perhaps you lose videos, photos, contacts and messages after iphone jailbreak or updating
and Some cases iPhone data lose Icloud and iTunes backup comes as a rescue
to Recover from Itunes backup in some steps
1- Open iTunes on the system and connect the IOS device
2- Enter the device passcode and follow the steps
3- Choose the backup files by date and size and click restore for encrypted backup
4- Choose THE IOS device and select restore backup in itunes

3-water damaged iPhone

It is impossible your iPhone dropped in the swimming pool accidentally
There are chances of losing your iPhone data too
Especially apple does not cover liquid damages in its one year warranty
Recovering from icloud and itunes backup
you need to sign in to icloud or itunes through your Apple ID on the new IOS device
Then choose and switch the desired files to the new device from the list of available backups in icloud/itunes

also Dry it by rubbing on a towel and remove the sim Card
Also, you can keep it with silica gel sachets for about two days to dry
Do not afraid you can recover your lost photos, videos and audios

4-iPhone battery life problems

firstly It is one of the most famous problems of iPhone
The poor iPhone battery performance can be tackled through a factory reset, controlling the app’s usage that consumes high battery as google maps
Social media sites

5-iPhone black screen

firstly It is happened because of many reasons
Such as dropping your iPhone, spilling water on it, updating an app, malware, bad firmware and jailbreak
It could be the cause of iPhone black screen
You can recover in five steps
1-drained battery
2-crashed app
3-force restart your iPhone to fix iPhone black
4-restore iphone in itunes
5-hardware fault

6-overheating iPhone

firstly It is a common problem for iPhone
Due to fixing take the hot device to a cooler environment away from heat or direct sunlight
Or reset all setting on your iPhone to fix the problem
For recovering the overheating iPhone problem
1-withdraw recent software permissions
2- does not play games for a longer period
3-update IOS
4-Do reset all setting on iPhone

7-iPhone camera roll crash

firstly It leads to a loss of hundreds of photos stored on your iPhone
For fixing this problem you must restore the iPhone to factory settings is the only way to fix camera roll crash

8-iTunes error 3194

The reason for this problem is wrong firmware version, perhaps the IOS version that you are installing is not approved by Apple or you are using a jailbreak using to upgrade iPhone

You can also do a factory reset to fix itunes error 3194

9-Forgot iPhone passcode

Your iPhone gets disabled asking to retry after 5, 15, 20 minutes to unlock your disabled iPhone,
and Reset the device and set a new passcode
Erase the old password by restoring iPhone through iTunes or Icloud




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