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health information technology

applications of health information technology

health information technology is closely linked to the evolution of information technology (IT), the most advanced and rapidly evolving human sciences, and the most influential among individuals, peoples and societies.
Since man represents the most precious value created by God on earth and ridiculed him, it has become certain that human health and safety is one of the most important necessities of his life and that since time immemorial man is keen to develop treatment until medicine reached what we are now progress and medicine is still looking for more The development of all the means of science and the most important of which is information technology, which has become impossible to practice modern medicine without using it. Therefore, health care providers realized the importance of managing and providing patient information, diagnosis, treatment and medical research because of its great technical and administrative activities.

most important developments in health information technology

One of the most important developments was the idea of electronic medical records, which represent a pivotal point in which many channels of information related to the provision of health care to the patient. This lies in the ability of the computer to store, process and retrieve the various types of information that represent the most important contents of medical records. Which led to the decentralization and communication of information between more than a hospital and a medical encyclopedia, but even more, through the Internet, which has pushed its potential millions of users of patients and healthy people to rely on them as a source for the search for medical information.

what is Health information systems ?

Health information

Health information systems are the intersection of health sciences with computer science to produce a tool for the collection, analysis and transmission of health information to the health sector to improve health information services, whether provided to patients, the medical staff, and the health sector in general through so-called population science.


It is called Health Informatics, Health care informatics, Medical Information System, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Informatics

relation of health technology information and computer science

technology information

These health systems deal with the resources, methods and methods available to improve the supply, research, retrieval and use of information in health and bio medicine.
The health information systems tools are not limited to the use of computers, but also clinical guidance as well as medical terminology, medical research terminology and communication and information systems, which are applied in areas such as nursing, medical care, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, treatment and biomedical research.

These systems are designed to:

Data coding with modernization and development efficiently to support processes that can be relied upon in public health sciences while protecting the freedom and security of users from health care services.
It also aims at the so-called health information management, which is related to the collection, organization, maintenance, coordination, follow-up, command and control, cost-benefit calculation, feedback and effectiveness of the health information system. It also extends to decision-making capacity in the health sector and training of workers. And the calculation of the needs of the beneficiaries and there is the so-called electronic health records, which include patient records and used in the population and is different from the medical records used in the medical field only and the science of libraries and information is considered in terms of classification and indexing and research and retrieval and sorting and exchange And other uncle These information can be distinguished from Health information systems. The first is the collection, organization, analysis and transmission of health information, which includes medical information as well as information on health and population. And geographical distribution of them and the tool used are the health information systems health information systems

The applications of health information technology are as follows:

– Immediate registration of patients in internal and external clinics.
– Making a summary of patient records.
– Census and statistics.
– medical records.
– Entry of applications and reporting of results.
– Business service clinics.
– Specialized systems services such as hospital administration and departments.
– Laboratory service.
– Pharmacy service.
– Conducting health research

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