Artificial intelligence technology

No one is yet able to predict the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the future of work, but there are two points of view on the subject:

the first says it is destructive and predicted future robots to take their functions from humans.

A second view is that automation can create more jobs by offering new tools to entrepreneurs.

This view is corroborated by a recent study by Redwood Software for Digital Transformation Projects, in which respondents said they believed 60% of companies would be automated over the next five years Coming.

Gartner Research predicts that by 2020 artificial intelligence technology will produce more jobs

Gartner Research predicts that “by 2020, artificial intelligence future technology will produce more jobs.”

“I look at our company today to see that two-thirds of its jobs today have not been around for a few years,” s

aid Dennis Mortensen, chief executive and founder of, a manufacturer of artificial intelligence assistants.

In addition to creating new jobs, artificial intelligence will help humans do their jobs much better, said Paul Dowherty,

head of technology and innovation at Accenture at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

He summarized the future of automation in one phrase: “Man + Machine equals super powers. ”

So how will artificial intelligence increase jobs

For many reasons the optimistic view is likely to be the most realistic, but the ability of artificial intelligence technology to transform the future of work far from settled.

Dugherty and Jim Wilson, executive director of information technology and business research at Accenture Research, co-authored the book

“Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI,” which argued:

“The technical and managerial functions required by artificial intelligence future

Currently, there are two categories: Instructors and Charges.

Instructors will teach how artificial intelligence systems implement and mimic human behavior, and will create connections between human machines and supervisors by explaining how complex algorithms work. ”

artificial intelligence technology
artificial intelligence technology

Artificial intelligence supports workers, businesses and industries

Instead of replacing workers with artificial intelligence, it used as a tool to help employees work better.

For example, a call center employee can use it to get instant

. Comprehensive information about what a caller needs and do his work faster and better.

This applies to most companies and industries as well. In addition to existing companies, artificial intelligence future can create companies working in new areas. Such as companies that offer digital solutions for elder care.

And agriculture based on artificial intelligence and monitoring for sales calls based on artificial intelligence.

The changes we must make at the moment

It is likely that it will take ten years for artificial intelligence technology to become the norm.

Because so far there are few companies that have begun. To adopt artificial intelligence future techniques by taking measures to train their workers.

Another thing that needs to address in 2018 is the lack of real diversity in companies producing artificial intelligence future technology.

As I point out, this lack of diversity is a bias in itself. ”

finally,These biases have implications for the use of face recognition techniques. Especially in the areas of law enforcement, advertising and employment.

The impact of artificial intelligence future on future jobs

In the end, this report shows what artificial intelligence future can’t  regard as a strange force.

That presents many disorders on its own. But is in fact a human invention that reflects the flaws of its inventiveness as well as its human side.

“The impact of artificial intelligence on jobs is entirely within our control,” said Cathy Bessant, head of operations and technology at Bank of America, at the Davos Forum. “Artificial intelligence will not affect the future of human functions, but is a way of developing future jobs.



finally, It is difficult to control everything that has to do with the future, but we can predict even simple ones

also the impact  of artificial intelligence threatens the employment in some results one of the important

1-Gartner Research predicts that by 2020 artificial intelligence technology will produce more jobs

2-Artificial intelligence supports workers, businesses and industries and others





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