Asian social media apps you should know it


Asian social media apps are very useful but it doesn’t spread easily

Therefore we write this article due to knowing more about Asian social media apps

Also peekerscitech was talked chinese Social media and  social networking 

And other topics about benefits of information security


Asian social media apps

Internet-based life has assumed a huge position in the regular day to day existences of a large number of individuals. In Eastern Asia, 64% of the populace is on the standard Asian web based life systems of every nation, and 55% for Southeast Asia.

Those rates are roughly equivalent to in Europe. It is a critical bit of leeway for ventures, who can use bits of knowledge from web-based social networking tuning in to assemble a fruitful business system.

Be that as it may, worldwide web based life systems like Facebook and Twitter are not by any means the only locales mainstream in this district. The new made-in-Asia media have prevailed with regards to entering the focused market, giving much more information about the populaces of the Asia Pacific area. Worldwide and Asian organizations


1-Sina Weibo

Asian social media apps
Asian social media apps

Sina Weibo is a Chinese online life site, made in 2009, and like Twitter. Weibo signifies ‘microblog’ in Chinese.

The stage empowers you to post short sentences with a limit of 2,000 characters, in addition to pictures and recordings.

Much the same as on Twitter, you can utilize hashtags, label individuals on posts and re-post content. Be that as it may, Sina Weibo separates themselves with extra highlights.

Weibo clients can convey more effectively than on Twitter, by remarking on posts.

You can likewise effectively make surveys that your supporters can participate in.

You can discover amusements on the stage, make photograph collections, find out about the most recent patterns and that’s just the beginning



Asian social media apps
Asian social media apps

It is the most popular social media apps in china

Also, it presents over a billion monthly active users

And 902 million daily users

These apps are used in South East Asia and South Africa

In a nation where worldwide informal organizations

like Facebook is blocked, it answers the requirement for correspondence in the developing populace. WeChat offers more than the normal online networking application by giving a wide assortment of administrations to cover regular needs.

Such as messaging you have the ability to send messages, pictures and videos

A social network like on Twitter and Instagram

You can see and follow celebrities or brands

Also payment services you can pay digitally for services online

Finally the city services such as taxi booking, food delivery and doctor appointment



Asian social media apps
Asian social media apps


It is established in 1999 in South Korea

And provides two social media services named Naver café and Naver blog

Firstly Naver café you can share your interests and opinions due to begin conversion with people are   reading your posts

Secondly, Naver Blog was started in 2003

You can describe yourself then sharing articles to anyone


Asian social media apps
Asian social media apps

This app spreads  in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia

It features calls and texts

And follow brands and tv show accounts

Also, you can play games and some payments features

Such as taxi booking and food delivery services



Asian social media apps
Asian social media apps


It started in 2005 by the Chinese

It offers various service such as write posts, keeps diaries and sends pictures and videos

This app is free but it is impossible to gain access to premium features

There is background music to wallpaper on personal pages

Also, users can express their interests on their profiles like facebook and facebook messenger





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