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I worked as an office manager and coordinator in the Office of Guidance Psychology. then i worked as a marketer and responsible for writing articles in various fields. And I wrote in an Arabic blog i have written since 2010

Everything about the blue light filter on Android ?

blue light filter on Android

  Blue light filter on Android  Also known as night mode It is an easy-to-use feature in Android  smartphones This application allows you to reduce eye strain and reduce the blue light coming out of your phone In this article you will be able to activate this feature on your …

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what you need to know about latest facebook updates?

latest facebook updates

latest facebook updates are the strongest in this year Facebook is always fast in its own updates and is thus becoming the number one social media site Now I will take a look at the most important updates latest facebook updates 1-Facebook Adds Inventory Filter Facebook introduced a new inventory …

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4 best effective types of social media advertising in 2019

Social media advertising 

There are many different marketing methods that result in good results but social media advertising  are the biggest and most confident way to achieve the desired results Social media advertisements  and Social media  user  uses information So that he can provide relevant ads that are relevant to what they are …

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9 steps to save smartphone from water damage

Save smartphone from water damage

It is necessary to note and save smartphone from water damage The steps you should take are first remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible When the phone stays longer, more water leaks through the openings There are some things you should do and other things you should …

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How to solve Google chrome blank pages problems?

Google chrome blank pages problems

chrome browser  met  from Google chrome blank pages problems and white screen Especially in recent times In this article we will discuss How to solve Google chrome blank pages problems? Google chrome blank pages problems 1-When you are trying to visit any web site,It takes bandwidth and time to load. …

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Huge asteroid destroys New York in Nasa simulation

asteroid destroys New York in Nasa simulation

two days ago  ,asteroid destroys New York in Nasa simulation  Experts and world scientists have failed to protect the state of New York from a virtual constellation It was part of a simulation of how the world responded. In the beginning of May this year. Experts have announced the existence …

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How to install and manage google chrome extensions?

Google chrome extensions

  Google chrome has the ability to develop functionality, usability, privacy, and productivity We will talk about how to install  google chrome extensions and manage Google chrome extensions How to install google chrome extensions? The first step is in download official Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store   Peekerscitech …

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