How to backup iPhone


Above all, you Backup iPhone to store all your photos and messages, and others.

Then your data is very important and your memories.

Also, you can Back up iPhone on your data via iCloud or your computers using iTunes.


Backup iPhone


 firstly, You can Back up iPhone on your device before you download software

 secondly, You should to keep a regular back ups routine because they are many cases to read it.

And we will talk about five points.

 Firstly, What is the backup ?


Back up iPhone includes your setting,app data, and home screen and others.

You can use iCloud to back up iPhone


Also, you connect to iTunes on your computer.

You can store in iCloud and iTunes backup on your iPhone

You will able to access your data using Wi-Fi if you back up iPhone.

Secondly, How to enable iCloud back up iPhone?


Using iCloud as a back up location for your iPhone is a wonderful idea.

When you use only the internet, you will get your data.

 How to choose what iPhone backs up to iCloud?


Open Settings on your iPhone

Tap iCloud

Open Settings, tap your Apple ID, then tap iCloud

Tap iCloud Backup

Flip the switch next to iCloud Backup on

Tap OK

Your iPhone will start a backup your data every 24 hours.

 Thirdly, How to enable iTunes backups?


Connect your device to your computer

Open iTunes

Click on the Device icon next to the category drop-down menu on the left side of the iTunes window

Select Summary from the sidebar

Select This computer under Automatically Back up

click  the box for Encrypt backup to ensure that your passwords, health, and HomeKit data is backed up.


You’ll have to create a password
The password will be automatically stored in Keychain

Click Done when you are finished


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