Benefits of social media

 above all, The internet provides social media with high advantages for all users social media.
You can with social media. Reaching people you know or don’t know.
Research Centres  published about social media,it is influential role in the lives of young people.

Benefits of social media

1- Influence on young participants

 firstly, The social media will highlight the youth and their interest.
And Organizing activities to present views and gather wider audiences.

2-building trust and developing a voice.

 firstly, Social media support the skills of discussion and exchange of information in a local or international context
 also,Everyone has a personal skill, so he must develop it.
And Providing young people with employment opportunities

3- Young peoples become content creators and influential

 firstly,  Young people modify, create, or upload content.
 and  they  are developing with them many positive skills and supporting creativity.
Young people offer music, film and lots of publications

4-social media support the team

 above all, it is designed to help users working and acting together.

 and Any environment that supports teamwork can reach the highest results.

5- young people as a learner

social media support the  discovery.
If someone cares about books, games or recipes, they’ll find in social media

Benefits of social media


6-young people are going to be independent

 firstly, The young people discover for themselves everything on social media.
 and They can develop the skills such as learning to judge.
Young people also learned evaluation for situation.
They learn deal with the world Effectively.

7-developing of the real skill

young people became Their ability to adapt quickly to technology and services.
You can learn for free any coursed you want.
 and you will encourage skills such as reading and writing.
You can also learn new skills with employers.

8- Ability to communicate with people on social media

Young people dictate the enthusiasm for communicating with people in every aspect of life.
Social media help people In reaching the world easily.

9-Increasing Entertainment on social media.

finally, Social media is one of the main pleasure. ,
You can play, debate, and whole life on it.


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