Best 10 android smartphones games

Android smartphones games are caused leisure
Peekerscitech talked about best games for 2019
And puzzle games, strategies games
Now the topic will show the best android smartphones games

Android smartphones games


This game got the update for 2019
The update gives uniforms and tweaks
Also you can take a more genuine experience
And you have an ability for managing your favorite team
This game features more than 165 all time greats
And The game have advanced graphics

2-heart stone

This game gives you more fun and it is free
You can not be able to stop playing
You play in this game as one of the great heroes
And you will fight and enjoying
The rules is easily to learn
And you can gain the gold plus the arena mode

3-asphalt 9 :legends

The latest edition of racing series concern on blazing fast hyper cars like Ferrari,porskhe and motors
You can practice in a career mode
The game focus on the fun instead of realism
Hyper detailed cars and console quality visual effects

4-absolute drift

Players is trying to enter a variety of drifting
You can explore the maps in a free roaming
And you can collect six different cars
In addition players can view their drive against ghost cars and share with customs events

5-alto’s odyssey

You can move alto and pals from snowy landscapes
And you can collect coins
You will face tornado and balloon
This game is a simple and free

6-kingdom rush vengeance

You can lead the force against armies of good
You need to plan carefully and balancing
Also you can download the games a $5
This game challenge the mind
And providing deep tactical and it considers very fun

7-college BB coach 2

You can manage different aspects of your team
And you can recruit and game strategy
Also you can see your decisions play in the game simulation

8-triple agent

This game is inspired by classics
It requires five players and the app provides each player with a single operation
In the end players vote on who to imprison
This game is free

9-a normal lost phone

This game is a story about lost phone
And you need to know owner’s identify and disappearance
Also this game collects between good adventures and spirits of classic

10-brawl stars

The hero shooter featuring fierce with other players
The game start with simple deathmatch style modes to team based treasure hunts
You can open a variety of brawler heroes
With their weapons and strong moves


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