Best Alternative energy stocks for 2019


Alternative energy is an emerging energy that is not a long time away. There are different challenges and opportunities.
A number of companies globally are considering and planning to use them instead of fossil fuels

Especially a wind power and solar power.
We will talk about the best company for alternative energy.


Alternative energy

Firstly, MKS Instruments

It considers an And over.
And it located in Massachusetts
manufacturer of parts related to nuclear fuel processing, uranium conversion
The company aims to develop sensors and valves
And It has 600 patents
MKS announced the completion of the acquisition of a micro-machining company, Electro Scientific Industries

Secondly, BWX Technologies

It based in Virginia
BWX found more than 150 years ago
It works on development ,design and distribution of nuclear reactors

This company is more successful this year for both stock prices and oil prices\
On the other hand, nuclear energy is a strong alternative source of fossil energy

Thirdly, First Solar

It based in Arizona
First solar focus on solar technologies
It has the strongest balance sheet in the industry
This company has a many features like focusing on increasing energy yield
And it focus on increasing energy yield and grid stability as well as on decreasing costs
There is a high demand for new solar panels for 2019
This company is on its way for Success

Fourthly, Cosan

It based on brazil and working with the biothanol space .
Cosan is the most highly productive providers of bio energy because it generates 940 MW of sugarcane biothanol.

Fifthly, Pattern Energy Group

It based in USA and CANADA
The company owns roughly two dozen wind power facilities and has several more in the pipeline as well

Analysts see that alternative energy sources will have a greater role and success as time continues to develop electricity in the whole world


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