Best facebook games you can play

Best facebook games spread all over the world
Facebook is the main of social media sites
Peekerscitech talked about social media plan in many topics
Now we will discuss the best facebook games

Best facebook games


It is one of puzzle game genre
It has easy mouse controls and artful animations
You can enjoy with biotronic

2-restaurant city

It is one of the famous casual games
This game collects with elements of time management games and virtual sims
Also, you can share your own food and customize
And you compete against other restaurants

3-mindjolt games

It is one of the puzzle games and you can play with your friend
The game put a challenge and make you excited

4-know it all trivia

It is one of trivia and tests your information
You can think for the game and discover good prospects

5-zynga poker

This game reaches 18 million active players
If you like a car enthusiast looking for zynga poker on facebook
5-bejeweled blitz
You can addict this game
Also, you can play bejeweled blitz without stopping


You can build your own apartment
And do virtual work to get the money
Also, you can visit your friends inside these games and chat with them

7-mafia wars

It is one of the crime games
It has 25 million users on Facebook
The players do crime jobs for cash and compete to the respect

8-word challenge

It is a big challenge for languages lovers
You will make six letters and need to create 3 to 6 letters words quickly


It is management type games
Also, you can build and monitor assets
It is one of the best games on facebook

10-angry bird 2

There are hundreds of millions of players
The game is an adventure and facing challenges and events
You can win in this game easily

11-house of fun

It is one of the lucky game in the world
This game is very fun and amusement
You can explain your luck through this game’

12-pet rescue sage

This game is the best on facebook
It is a safe and happy land
There are pets and wild animals
You can enjoy inside this game

13-Dragon city

It is a funny and free game
This game depends on the dragon
The children and adult can play this game


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