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Best social media apps 2019


Social media apps 2019 is spreading around the world

Peekerscitech will focus on the best social media apps in 2019

There are many differences between apps you will know it now

social media apps



It is one of the best platforms, is considered the largest social media sites

There are more than 2 billion users for facebook

You can sign in facebook and chat with your old friends

Also, you can put live video and story

The Facebook experience has become inevitable



You can interest in looking at images and short videos clips

It considers the best social network for you

There are 35 per cent of American adults have accounts

Also, you can find stunning photography, incredible artwork and plenty more




Twitter is another network that’s received a considerable amount of negative coverage

Also, the 280-character limit does not promote debate

And the presence of millions of fake bots only serves to erode the experience further

Twitter is one of the important news sites of interest to the stars, politicians and all categories of people looking for and documenting the news

If you want breaking news, instant reactions and access to your favourite stars




Linkedin gives social media for professionals

And provides a chance to build your CV

You help you to find a new job

Linkedin is very useful and unique




This site depends on images and videos

You can share self-destructing images

There are many features and gamification features



Tumblr is a small blog, you can post text, photos,

videos and other media content

also, the network supports HTML editing

with customizing the look and layout of your page

also, you can use your own custom domain name




Pinterest is the best described as an image bookmarking site

You can create images to your own public or private boards

Pinterest is a good site if you are looking for inspiration for a DIY project

8-Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo

This site considers Chinese social media

Numbers of the user is more than 400 million

With the Chinese government heavily censors the site

This site deserves to sign up




Users can upvote and downvote posts

Posts to help influence what is popular at any given moment

Anyone have a hobby, you must sign up in this site




Tiktok is one of the newest social media sites

You do short-form video and Tik Tok  was the world ‘s most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018

Tiktok began as an app called Douyin that is essentially the Chinese version of tiktok

And launched tiktok for the rest of the world in 2017

In order to use tiktok you have to register for an account allows you to follow other users and make videos

Then you must to open the app and feel overwhelmed at the sight of the neverending stream of videos that appear on your home page

It shows you recommended videos as well as videos from the users that you follow

Then scroll through the suggested videos and click the username on the ones you like







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