Best strategy games for android in 2019

Android games are heavily deployed and have become a source of fun and entertainment
We have focused on the best android games of 2019

Now is the time to talk about the important types of games, especially the strategic games.

Some of the Android games are free and some are cheap on google play.

Android games


This game is a gas game that focuses and explores the essence of celestial bodies
You are using re-mining balls that start from the colored blocks
One block supports the other blocks by gravity
Also if the blocks reach the top of the screen the game will end
The main role is collecting the crystals along the way will give it more balls

2-Civilization Revolution 2

You play the role of a notorious commander
And also you are trying to make an empire by increasing production and building armies

Steps to help you win
Take control of your opponents by grabbing their capitals
Get an economic win
Grab a converted city
The last is to be called a space ship

3-The Battle for Polytopia

This game requires you to rotate quickly and easily at every turn and challenge.
You play stars grouped by size and number of cities you own.
You should notice how you spend your resources and put down your troops.
There are several ways to play there are individual games or in a tribe or multiplayer.
You should notice with each difficult level artificial intelligence presents a suitable challenge

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4-XCOM: Enemy Within

You are rotating and turning off the side of the gaseous ground.
Your role is important and essential to control your team in each task
This games is the best strategy games for android games
you’ll head back to the XCOM HQ where you’ll be able to upgrade your troops.

5- Mushroom Wars 2

This game depends on the control of small armies of soldiers of mushrooms in the battles
There are beautiful graphics inside and play is also easy
The main goal within your game is full domination
There are also tribes of mushrooms and you choose from them

6-Fire Emblem: Heroes

This game takes the eighth title of the strategic games
It is considered the first invasion of the Nintendo with some tips for the Nintendo Switch games
Within the game there is a noble goal to confront the imperialists looking for power
You collect the best heroes to help defend the existing kingdom

7-Clash Royale

You have to go out of the towers of the crown of your enemies while defending your kingdom
To reach the highest success you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of all different cards
As the playing time increases and more prizes are collected, the number of cards you open increases
Purchases also promise you progress within the game

8-Pandemic: The Board Game

You can identify your personality at the beginning of the game
Each character has a strong impact on your success
You are trying to treat 4 infectious diseases from spreading
If you want to expand there is a buying process that will help you


There is a hero in the game and it includes five seasons
You jump directly into the battle and fight down the path
There is a way to help you fight your enemies effectively


The game is free and depends on rotation
Players are called cards creatures and cards built on warcraft.
There are nine champions with super abilities and a tremendous numbers of cards

11-Star Command

This game is a strong science fiction
The player is driving the spaceship and there are hiring crews and also upgrading the facilities
Battles are increasing between ships or against internal parties
You have to move the crew and put out the fires


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