Best types of Android games for 2019


Android games include a lot of games and all games are divided into specific types

Types are as casual  games ,puzzle, and strategy
And android games are cheap on google play.

This year is full of new games, especially with the beginning of April

Android games 

1- The best Android games for April 2019

Games have become part of our lives and with the passage of years, I find more interesting and exciting games.

One of the important games are Oceanhorn , Monster Hunter Stories,Fortnite and Runescape and other .
We will talk about one of them

Monster Hunter Stories
This games is very fun and Their cost is very simple
It’s a little more cartoonish than the console game
You are in the game looking for monsters hunting and taming
Features :
This game looks like the most popular game it call Monster Hunter world.
You can discover a vast environment and dungeons to find monster dens
You will fight with your monsties network battles
There are new and beautiful drawing
Also new auto save feature

You can read more about this topic here

2- Best strategy games for android in 2019

Strategy games are games that rely on making plans and tasks and achieving them successfully.
Such as Holedown, The Battle for Polytopia, Fire Emblem: Heroes and vainglory and other

The Battle for Polytopia

This game requires you to rotate quickly and easily at every turn and challenge.
You play stars grouped by size and number of cities you own.
You should notice how you spend your resources and put down your troops.
There are several ways to play there are individual games or in a tribe or multiplayer.
You should notice with each difficult level artificial intelligence presents a suitable challenge

We encourage you to try one of them and you will be very well ventilated
You can read more about strategy games here

3- Top casual games for android in 2019

Casual games you need when you want to relax or in your spare time they are not difficult
Such as super Mario Run ,Reigns,fast like a fox and smash hit

Smash Hit

When you play here you should relax and enjoy
You are breaking the default glass and also you will encounter some obstacles in your way in the game levels
The big observation is that the music changes according to the stage in which it is located
And optional purchase that gives you the opportunity to save access points and new game modes
You can read more here

4- Free puzzle games for android in 2019

A type of android games to activate the brain and develop mental and mathematical skills
Such as tiny bubbles,a way to stay and cubway
One is the pleasure games is Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

From very interesting puzzle games.
You face a sliding puzzle with the head-shaking of the game to move the horror of each camp to a reassuring
And become the required tracks complex
And there are a high challenge
You can read more here

Finally, Our life has become full of routine, we need some fun inside the types of games


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