Bimoz and Lumzag of the best invention for 2019

Bimoz and Lumzag of the best invention for 2019

two of the best invention for 2019, you will find more about invention such as smart buckle & SIB and other.


firstly,the best invention for 2019 is Bimoz

Your bike will turn into an e-bike with Bimoz The magnetic propulsion system controls and does not need gears
You will be delighted with the high-speed of modern and unique technologies
You don’t need any maintenance with Bimoz

features of Bimoz:

1- Bimoz is very light with standard battery equals 2Kg
2- Any other bike that’s different is faster and easier
3- The payment system does not need maintenance if it is very strong
4- You can install them on most traditional bikes.
5- You feel quiet when you drive it, it’s without gears.
6- You feel comfortable with it like your bike


secondly,  the best invention for 2019 
 Lumzag  ((bags  with seven features) 

the best invention for 2019
the best invention for 2019

1- you can charge your phone wireless

and built -in 10.000 mah,so chargers will stay with you all day longs.
The energy banks is in the Removable smart box
you can charge in the same time laptop and smartphones.

2-lumzag with special sensors

it’s going to tell me about anything you’ve lost.
After marking all your items in addition to lumzag tools

3-insight light

there are a black gap in your bags so, lumzagthought to resolve this problem.
In the presence LED light in compartment.

4- open alert

No one can steal you inside the luzmag application
it depends on the distance between you and your bags.

5-GPS tracker

GPS tracker is free
also GPS will follow the exact location.

6-back view camera

You’ll see what’s gone on behind you
The smartphone will display to you on the display screens through the would back camera

7-Wifi hotspot

it has built in data SIM card
you will reach easily to the internet.
Also,The price is available.


Nano 1 and snore circle of the best invention for 2019


The Best invention for 2019


SIB and solar roodways of the best invention for 2019


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