Blocking  spyware in easy steps


Blocking spyware from obtaining onto your

machines may be a matter of non-public vigilance and therefore the right tools for the work. most

significantly, you may wish to form positive that you

simply transfer files from trustworthy sources and avoid putting in something that appears suspicious.

putting in a decent antivirus code will scan any file you transfer and check your pc often to stay it

spyware free. you may wish to take care to stay all of

your code updated: your browser, OS, and antivirus definitions.

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Blocking  spyware

1-Download files only from trusted sources

Firstly download software from the original developer whenever possible

Be wary of software that asks for your personal information or tries to install additional programs

1-windows users should be especially cautious of executables from unknown sources

Microsoft uses digital signature for trusted developers and you will be notified if your installer does not have one

2-mac OSX 10.08 and later only allow installations from trusted developers by default

You can check this setting in system preferences then security and privacy

3-by default android users can only install from the play store but can allow installing from unknown sources in the settings

You can do that, just go to setting –security –unknown sources

IOS users can install from the app store unless the device is jailbroken


2-make sure your web browser is up to date

Keeping your browser up to date ensures the latest security fixes are active when you browse the web

1-chrome users can go to menu –setting –about to update

2-safari users can update by opening the mac app store and clicking the update tap at the top

3-Microsoft will update internet explorer/edge


OS older than Windows 10 can go to control panel –windows update to download the latest updates for windows and internet explorer


3-then, install an ad-block extension

Ads and popups can lead to websites that include malicious software

Firefox, chrome and safari all support the installation of third-party extensions to block the appearance of most ads

-for installing ad-block software on your mobile device,  you will need to root or jailbreak it


4-Make sure your operating system is up to date


Your OS ensures that have the latest security fixes for your device

-Android users can go to setting –about-system updates to check for the attest software available for the device

Updates can vary depending on the mobile carrier and age of the device

-IOS users can go to setting-general-software update

To check for the latest software.

Older device may not be compatible with the latest OS updates

-mac OS users can open the app store and select the updates tab

You can also go to apple menu-software update

-windows 10 downloads and installs updates automatically

Users of older versions can go to control panel-windows update



1-Download files only from trusted sources

2-make sure your web browser is up to date

3-install an ad-block extension

4-Make sure your operating system is up to date




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