Don’t approach the blue whale challenge game.. the most dangerous game ever

The world has just ended the influence of the famous Pokemon_Go game and its addiction from many, until a new game called Blue whale challenge game appears to be taking the last step by pushing the players to death, but this time the target is mainly children and teenagers!

What is the seriousness of the Blue whale challenge game? and Who is targeted mainly?

Blue whale challenge game has recently spread among children and adolescents around the world called Blue Whale, but sadly the game uses complex psychological methods to influence the psychological state and also incite suicide and self-killing. The game takes its name from the phenomenon of blue whale suicide.

The game begins with giving orders and challenges among players over the course of 50 days at the beginning seems simple and harmless but with the increase of time start the game by giving strange orders and requests such as waking up in the middle of the night and watching a horror film and then start the game by giving more strange orders such as the body wound every day in a different location And then paint a blue whale with a razor blade and also incite the game players to get rid of their fears and after the end of the 50 days the game requires the players to complete the final order, which ends the game by winning and is to induce them to commit suicide hanging.

blue whale challenge game
blue whale challenge game

Deaths among children around the world have multiplied because of Blue whale challenge game

Deaths among children around the world have multiplied because of the game in different countries of the world, including the killing of two children in Argentina and forty children in Brazil and also Chile, Colombia, Serbia, Spain, Venezuela, Portugal, the United States and other countries around the world, but seems the most affected among these countries is the State of Russia, The victims of this game are over 130 children and teenagers, and the game is still spreading around the world.

One of the stories of the victims in Portugal about an 18-year-old girl who threw herself in front of a train and after investigations into his condition revealed that the act motivated to jump in front of the train by a person who called her through the game called (Blue Whale), who incited to kill herself, The 13-year-old admitted to the hospital after drawing a picture of the blue whale.

blue whale challenge game
blue whale challenge game

The developer of Blue whale challenge game and his objectives behind it

in addition to, After the arrest of the philologist Philippe Budeikin, a Russian national who was a student studying psychology, it turned out that his goals were:

  • Reduce the number of humans in the earth
  • Clean the community described by fools and biological scum
  • Look for more quantity of children that exploited intellectually and psychologically

Unfortunately, even some of the arrest is still support people give orders from this game to be available on the Internet dramatically even after being removed from the store and Google and Apple and it seems that the game is still spread very large among children on their smart phones, which helps this game to spread it is free.

blue whale challenge game
blue whale challenge game

Suggested Ways to Fight Blue whale challenge game

  • Create an opposite game to challenge children and teenagers to do charitable work or national workers and use the summer time well
  • Communicate parents and parents and public awareness of the dangers of the game and their children. Especially with the introduction of summer time and increase the time of free children.
  • Create an account in Twitter and social networking sites that interested in monitoring and combating these games permanently.
  • Communicate directly through social visits to markets and gatherings in cities. To alert the dangers of games not suitable for children and adolescents. While at the same time offering alternative solutions and other games suitable for them.

Finally Due to the seriousness of the game and its bad impact on the community. We were writting this article to alert it may reach the largest segment of people to pay attention to the dangers of this game. In order to keep the security of our children and alert their families of the seriousness of this game.

blue whale challenge game
blue whale challenge game

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