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“Capacity media” declare : Nokia and Orange collaborate on 5G transition

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Nokia and Orange will leverage the Nokia Flexi Base Station and 5G-ready AirScale radio access portfolio, the AirFrame data centre platform, telco cloud and cyber security technologies to create applications on 5G.
Marc Rouanne, chief innovation and operating officer at Nokia, said: “With our breadth of Radio, IP and Optics technologies, and the expertise of Bell Labs, Nokia is proud to be assisting Orange in the introduction of 5G and the application of the Future X Network paradigm.
Through this collaboration, we will test 5G applications for different industry segments and measure the benefits of extremely short latency and very high speeds.
Under a new collaboration agreement, Nokia and Orange will drive the definition and development of these new services, with a focus on making the transition from 4G to 5G network connectivity in the most efficient way in terms of power, operations, and cost effectiveness, and with the highest level of quality and reliability.
We are also delighted to be applying our world-class R&D expertise in Paris and Lannion in this project.”

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Nokia and Orange have partnered up to develop the future 5G mobile networks.
Nokia’s infographic on 5G details the possibilities of a 5G network, which will go far beyond mobile phones.
Samsung has its own plans for 5G and is collaborating with T-Mobile (also, last year it ran a trial on China Mobile).
For those, the Nokia and Orange joint team are planning “massive MIMO” and new frequency bands to build on the current 4.5G and soon to be deployed 4.9G networks, which already promise gigabit per second peak speeds.
This approach will greatly increase the number of “users” on the mobile network, be they your smart fridge or a robot in an automated factory (Nokia expects billions of connections).
Nokia and Orange will develop 5G networks together

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Eurobites: Nokia & Orange Firm Up 5G Collaboration

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Eurobites: Nokia & Orange Firm Up 5G Collaboration

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