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Information Security

The security of information inside our website is one of the main topics.

We offer how to protect your computer from hacking and also everything that is new in information security

our website  provide the best and the latest

11 benefits of information security

benefits of information security

  The benefits of information security are many and important in order for companies to obtain adequate security from any disasters that occur to them also Information security can give its customers the confidence to repel any hacking of their devices Therefore they are protected from internal or external attacks …

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information security strategy in organization

Information security strategy

The first is the structure of information security strategy  so that they can defend any internal or external threats by providing confidentiality with the least effort, The plan, which incorporates and integrates the goals, policies, and main sequence of the organization to work in a strong cohesion Another definition is …

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Information security basics 

information security

information security basics :  firstly ,Information security will help you avoid and leave websites that are not related to you. When you are entering strange sites are vulnerable to exploitation. Whether by achieving gains or secrets and personal data.   Advantages of information security : information security features Confidentiality,Integrity, and …

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Let’s know about blockchain technology


 firstly, the blockchain is more important than Bitcoin. It Will change the shape of financial institutions, industry, trade and all life.  and The affect block chain do not less important than the internet.   also it Distributed around the world on the blockchain and public. Blockchain technology    Example:  The …

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All what you need to know about BITCOIN


All what you need to  know about BITCOIN BITCOIN is a digital currency and do not controlled by the central bank or middle man such as the bank. No one control the money or centralized. The transfer fee is very low. So, the government can not interfere or prevent or …

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