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Iphone company and secret history of it

iPhone company is one of the Achievements of the present era It is also an important source of consumer electronics…

1 week ago

Apple iphone problems charging and fix it

Apple iPhone problems charging is one of the most troubling in your phone The surprise is that there are solutions…

4 weeks ago

Apple Iphone problems and how to fix it

  Apple iPhone problems face different types of problems We have to learn how to fix this problem also, peekerscitech…

1 month ago

Know more about Iphone XR review

  This year apple company was launched many android smartphones Peekerscitech was talked about Iphone company for iphone XR review…

3 months ago

Iphone 11: Apple’s genius plan to regain control

Iphone 11 is one of the modern device that is  launched apple company Apple company want to control in android…

3 months ago

Top 7 IPhone x features

above all, iPhone x features are different between any other iPhone and launching  in 2019 also,,we will talk about these…

5 months ago

Ways to fix the most serious problems iphone

problems iphone  caused much anxiety so we will talk about it . The essential connection to iphone is something you…

6 months ago

iphone stuck in headphone mode

  We're always having a problem iphone stuck in headphone mode Therefore , we will discuss this problem to find…

6 months ago