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What are the different types of robots?

There are different types of robots and each robot has a unique features It differs in size, shape and capabilities…

2 months ago

8 Indian Humanoid Robots and their stories

Indian Humanoid  Robots are the most popular robots in the world And robot sales is increased by 27 percent to…

2 months ago

Seven robotics technologies of the year

  We will offer you the most famous 7 amazing robotics techniques These techniques will change the future to robotics…

4 months ago

Robots machines compete with humans

Robots are a mechanical machines that is driven by man or by software,  and the word robot first appeared in…

5 months ago

Artificial intelligence technology

No one is yet able to predict the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the future of work, but there…

1 year ago

smart Firefighting helmet for Firefighters in the near future

This new innovation comes from (Sweden), which aims to radically change the face of a profession is one of the…

1 year ago

The most prominent functions to be performed by the future Robots, thus threatening the workforce

The world was not surprised by the appearance of Robot Sophia, who led the panel discussions at an investment conference…

1 year ago

Nowadays Robot will expel man from automotive industry

Technology is playing a major role in the automotive industry in the world, and robots have become a first choice…

1 year ago