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Samsung Galaxy S20 all what you want to know

    Samsung Galaxy S20  is the latest smartphones  of  Samsung company  and it will appear on February this year,…

3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review 

  Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 low-cal. The new phones area unit engineered to supply flagship…

3 years ago

Samsung galaxy s10e review

  Samsung galaxy s10e review has sprung a brand new, cheaper model on the globe with its annual flagship refresh…

3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S10e full specification

  Samsung Galaxy S10e has an amazing camera and best price Also, The 'e' in Samsung Galaxy S10e stands for…

3 years ago

Samsung galaxy s10e and fast phone you can use

Samsung galaxy s10e has a superb camera for the size and price Also, wireless powershare is useful Samsung galaxy s10e…

3 years ago

Samsung A90 5G price and specs

Samsung A90 5G has a colourful display and long battery life Also, Samsung Galaxy A90 is available in Korea and…

3 years ago

Samsung A90 5G 2019 review

  Samsung A90 5G is a new phone from the Galaxy A series which was announced in August 2019, It…

3 years ago

Samsung company launches Samsung Galaxy A70 

  Samsung company is one of the largest company in android smartphones industry Samsung Galaxy A70 is the most powerful…

3 years ago