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Woman wins custody battle against NASA for bag of moon dust

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As it stated in Upon touchdown, Armstrong used one little bag to quickly put samples in a bag.
She is now the owner of a real Apollo 11 space bag covered in moon dust particles.
She sent it to NASA to confirm it was real, but NASA claimed it was their property and wouldn’t send it back.
His client saw the bag on a U.S. Marshal’s auction page last year and had the winning bid of $995.
That bag and its contents are now owned by an Chicago area woman named Nancy Lee Carlson.

NASA captures images of dust devil on Mars


as mentioned in You can read more about NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity and the landscape of Mars here…
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – NASA released an animated image showing a dust devil on the surface of Mars.
Observations of Martian dust devils provide information about wind directions and interaction between the surface and the atmosphere.
Here are some fast facts from NASA:› Wind is a dominant force shaping landscapes on Mars, despite the thin air.
› NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has begun investigating linear-shaped dunes during the crater’s windy summer season.

NASA returns priceless bag of moon dust to Chicago-area woman after lawsuit

as mentioned in A priceless bag of moon dust collected during the Apollo 11 mission has been returned to a Chicago-area woman after she won a landmark legal victory against NASA.
McHugh represents Nancy Lee Carlson of northwest suburban Inverness, who he said bought the moon bag from a government auction in 2015 for $995.
NASA officials handed over the lunar dust bag — the only known one of its kind — at the Johnson Space Center in Houston on Monday under court order.
Carlson, a corporate attorney, stored the lunar bag in a box in her closet for safekeeping.
Previously, the government had seized the bag in a criminal case against Max Ary, the former president of a space museum in Kansas.

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