Chameleon work is now availiable in Google Play store

Previously priced at $2.99 on Google Play — a fair price for the experience — Warp Shift is now available free of charge.

Download Warp Shift:Google Play | App Store As you venture onward through the strange worlds, the challenges before you will become trickier and trickier.
Warp Shift is an “audio-visual voyage through time and space”, as its developer ISBIT Games puts it, and it is one that stimulates your eyes, ears and brains.
The game is divided into 5 worlds, each containing 15 puzzles of exponentially increasing difficulty.
Warp Shift is a clever puzzle game with distinctive art style and intriguing gameplay mechanics that popped up on Google Play in the second half of 2016.Set in a mysterious world, Warp Shift is a journey that challenges your mind and senses, as you guide the little girl Pi and her magical companion through the shifting mazes of the ancient chamber that keeps them trapped.

Buy a Google Play Gift Card at Woolworths this week and get The Lego Movie for free


as mentioned in Starting tomorrow, every purchase of a Google Play Gift Card at your local Woolies store comes with a free copy of Warner Bros’ hit film The Lego Movie, redeemable via the Google Play Store.
And then maybe follow it up with a trip to the cinema to catch the latest Lego Movie instalment – The Lego Batman Movie – to find out what’s gone awry in Gotham.
You’ve got until 18 May to redeem the offer and it’s applicable to all values of the Google Play Gift Card.
So, if you haven’t seen the movie yet (or you count yourself a Lego fan), this is your chance to grab it for free while you get yourself something else from the Google Play Store.
This offer is part of the latest Woolworths catalogue starting Wednesday, 5 April and ending Tuesday, 18 April.

collected by :Mina Lony