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Chinese social media


Social media dictates the entire society and the world

 above all. Chinese social media consider Dynamic, unique and different from the rest of the world

social media increases developing in Chinese because of an increasingly high internet penetration rate with just under 50% of the total Chinese


Chinese social media


1- The social networking landscape is unique

In China there are restrictions from within the state and also for censorship on the internet

In China, there are no social networks as they exist in the world.

Chinese have a specific networking ecosystem and platforms cater.


2- There is more and more effective activity than internet users in China

A number of people from social media users in China more than the states

 in addition to The percentage of users from China is 400 million per month

Chinese spend on average %40 of their 25 hours online.

It will lead to more exposure to content and interactions.

3- The main social networking platforms


Weibo is a micro blogging platform.

It works in the same way Twitter.

You can exchange content and follow other users.

Weibo is a very open social media and popular.


Wechat is the second platform and the main.

This platform started as a simple application that works to send audible and readable messages and then became a complete social platform.

baidu tieba 

Baidu Tieba is part of the Chinese search engine.

It depends on content become more important the more it gains visibility.

The main target makes many numbers of Whom classify their content.

4-The Chinese are affected by the social impact of the nearby

The Chinese do not believe the traditional media in general

They prefer friends and relatives who use certain social means

And offering promotion and discounts that include the whole family but which must be shared to be validated.

5-Social media is becoming more fragmented with new platforms emerging.

Social media is a more popular and influential research.

It is also moving at a faster and more variable pace than in the past.

China offers new and different innovations and ideas in the field of technology.

This encourages the establishment of new platforms to communicate and share the bee with different.

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