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the best invention for 2019
the best invention for 2019

Cleanse BOT and DOLFI of the best invention for 2019

Cleanse BOT and DOLFI of the best invention for 2019

We’ve talked about many inventions and the best inventions for 2019
such as smart buckle, snore circle, Nano 1 , SIB,solar roadways and lumzag
today, we search for cleanliness Throughout life .

Cleanliness comes from the basic of life and health.

The first invention is cleanse Bot.

1-cleanse Bot

Cleanse Bot cleans and sanitize all surface and UV-C light.
This UV-C reduces Reduce the spread of viruses.
Lately, It was tested on this machine and it actually kills 99.99 E.coli.
It can have the most of the areas filled with germs and bacteria and Up to the best level of cleanliness.

features of cleanse Bot

1-it has an 18 sensors mapping and the first robot works on the sensor to material and fabrics not flat surfaces.
2 -it is Running time three hours.
3-the weight is 220g
4-the power bank is 3700mah.
5-it has third party certification.
6-the size is 130mm*30mm.
Examples where you use cleanse Bot as pillow case, toilet seat, light switches and tv remotes.
The second invention is Dolfi


the best invention for 2019
the best invention for 2019

Dolfi cleans your clothes with Ultrasonic technology.
although. Dolfi is compact advice, it is strong.
It consumes 80 times less energy than a washing machine.
You can reach the best possible results and Knowing you’re not going to use your new clothes.

Features of Dolfi

1- next generation for cleaning
of nice inventions on clothes and hands one
You can clean without any doubt about the results
You can take her with you in any bathroom, travel or hand in your luggage
3-save time and money
you forgot the hassle of travelling and take it with you.
switch the dolfi easily and relishes your time.
It works by four steps
1- firstly, put your clothes in water.
2-secondly, add laundry detergent.
thirdly, put Dolfi inside it.
fourthly, switch on the device.

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