A comparison between PS4 Pro & Xbox One X, Which is the 4K Winner?

Microsoft has recently begun to distribute its new Xbox One X gaming console. Which it describe as the most powerful gaming platform ever, and is more than a propaganda tool, especially compared to the other rival PS4 Pro. The first features of Microsoft are superior to Sony’s second, plus the small size of this powerful Xbox X capability, unlike the PS4 Pro. Which is no different from other versions of Sony’s popular gaming platform.

But the question for all video game enthusiasts, which is worth buying in the case of comparison. Is Sony’s Xbox One X or Sony’s PS4 Pro, the answer is in the lines coming from this comprehensive comparison between the two most popular gaming platforms.


A short comparison of numbers between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro platforms


Xbox One X

  • Dimensions and design

Microsoft has put all this super power into a relatively compact device, with the dimensions of the Xbox One X 29.9 cm wide x 23.9 cm depth and height of 5.99 cm, the PS4 Pro is not much different from its previous 32.7 cm width, 29.4 cm high and 5.5 cm high.In terms of weight, the Microsoft Games platform weighs 3.8 kg, while the Sony gaming platform weighs 3.3 kg, a difference of about half a kilo, a point for the PS4 Pro wiped off the point of excellence of the Xbox One X in terms of dimensions, and even surpasses the Microsoft platform in terms of design The simple rectangle makes putting the platform in any bag easy and easy.

Xbox One X

  • Key processors

    Both platforms rely on the same eight-core processor with different speed. The Sony PS4 Pro platform is base on a 2.13 GHz processor, an update to the processor chip used in the previous version of the platform, which has a processor speed of only 4.6 GHz.

    The Microsoft Xbox X gaming platform is based on a 2.3 GHz processor, which offers a higher speed than that of its rival, although it does not have a strong impact on platform performance.

  • Graphics Processor

    Here is the strong difference between the two platforms, but before explaining this difference lets first know how to measure the graphics processors on the gaming platforms, which uses the term TFLOPS in the sense of one trillion floating point operation per second, The second measurement of the processors power is the measurement of its bandwidth, meaning the power of the graphics processor to move the image frames on the screen and is measure in gigabytes / sec. Xbox One X processor supports 6 TFLOPS at 326 GB / s, PS4 Pro works with 4.12 TFL power OPS speeds of 218 GB / s.

  • RAM memory

    The PS4 Pro 8 GB RAM, 1GB of RAM and 1GB of RAM are all side-by-side. The Xbox One X has 12GB of RAM, and both platforms share random memory between the main processor and the graphics processor without specifying How.

  • Effect of graphics processor and random memory on platform games

    The difference between the two platforms can be seen in games based on 4K display power. The Xbox One X platform supports 4K games with a total support of 60 frames per second. The PS4 Pro games will each display 60 frames per second and others will only display 30 frames per second .

    On the other hand, all Xbox One platform games will work on the Xbox One X platform without upgrading, and the platform can control the power and accuracy of game display and move from high-quality to high-quality without affecting the game, PS4 Pro.

    Xbox One X

  • Prices

The Sony PS4 Pro platform is currently sold at $ 399 on average. While the Microsoft Xbox One X platform will be available in stores on November 7 at $ 499. A difference of $ 100, a difference that may well exceed the budget barrier of some. The Sony platform is at the expense of Microsoft’s platform.

Conclusion of  the comparison between PS4 Pro Xbox One X

Since dispatch, the PS4 Pro has made its mark with a combination of enhanced specs and the recently executed Boost Mode. Presented in PS4 refresh 4.50, This new element amps up the execution of all PS4 diversions to differing degrees, improving a few titles by right around 40%. It’s the best PS4 cycle available today. In spite of the fact that it’s not so much justified, despite all the trouble for those without a 4K show.

The result is clear for the Microsoft Xbox X at the expense of the Sony PS4 Pro at all points except the price. And here video game enthusiasts will have the choice.

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