12 Tips to conserve the Android smartphones battery life

No doubt you notice that the battery life is short after use, or that in itself is short, which requires the replacement of the battery repeatedly

and the use of external power banks in this article will learn some tips to make the Android smartphones battery lasts longer.

Android smartphones battery

Use a black background for your device to save your Android smartphones battery

If your phone screen is AMOLED (like all Samsung phones), use a black background for your phone, because the non-black backgrounds light up the colored dots and the black ones remain black, reducing Android smartphones battery consumption.

also smartphones will get an  feature of android nougat 

Using the Doze property to save your Android smartphones battery

It is a feature integrated with the Android 6.0 Marchlicello update, which enables the phone to keep more on the battery,

if the phone is not used for a long time such as night time which consumes 3 to 5% of battery life if you do this feature.


Use Greenify Application

Unlike all applications that claim to maintain battery life, this application is quite the opposite.

It actually saves battery life. It allows you to close applications and put them into hibernation mode when you do not use the phone, allowing Android smartphones battery life to be extended.

Don’t use automatic brightness for lighting in your phone

Do not use automatic brightness, it may seem useful to you, but quite the opposite.

It increases the brightness of the screen to the limit you want, which makes the battery consume quickly because the screen is one of the largest consumers of battery, and better to determine the lighting according to your will and needs.

Reduce screen brightness time:

Reduce the time required for automatic screen brightness, Imagine that if you choose 1 minute,

it is more than 15 seconds by four times, and this makes the screen work more than the battery drain.

It is best to reduce the brightness and select it for 15 or 30 seconds to save the battery.


Use lock screen notifications to save your Android smartphones battery

Lock screen notifications also have a big role in maintaining your battery,

as you will be aware of all your notifications and don’t need to turn on the entire screen.

Especially if you receive many notifications and not need to see them all, and there are also many applications that provide this feature on the Google Play store.

You don’t need to be online 24 hours a week:

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, and phone data when you do not need it,

also disable location or put it on the battery save mode.

Turn on Bluetooth or NFC technology, but they do not consume too much power, but when you close them, you will retain that power.

Keep your apps up to date

Always check for updates to your installed apps and update them

,Developers are always introducing new updates that include policies for better memory and battery usage.

Avoid activating automatic synchronization:

Turn off automatic syncing for Google accounts, they consume a lot of battery due to automatic updates every time, and often do not need the user.

You can stop them by going to Settings then Google Accounts and then close Auto Sync.

Don’t install updates for applications or games when the battery is running out:

It’s best to disable the Google AutoUpdate feature, and replace it by updating each application on its own when its update is available,

to keep the phone up and avoid updates when the phone battery is nearing completion.

Use the original charger for your device:

This option enables you to charge the phone in real rates rather than a fake, as it keeps the phone battery longer.

Disable Google Voice Search:

This feature is great and allows you to search the search engines in a quick and easy way, but it is not as important as it claims to keep. It consumes a large amount of battery and should be disabled.



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