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Create a telegram account and how to delete it


Create a telegram account you have to do that, once you start using telegram, you will admire it

You will use in stunning chatting and marketing tools

Also, you do not need to remain your backups as whatsapp account because of keeping your all conversions in the cloud


Create a telegram account

Telegram is a small world, helping users to market their businesses whether the channels or videos

With allowing to send a lot of pictures and videos

This app helps you to share location and any file of your android smartphones or computer up to 1.5 GB

You can use telegram for android, IOS, windows, mac and linux but it made for smartphones

Now we will talk about some steps to create an account

Firstly, install the telegram app

Open the google play store or app store for downloading the telegram messenger

Then, open the app

Secondly, enter your phone number

You do not can make an account without enter your phone number

Then, it will appear OTP, after that enter the code into the app to continue

Thirdly, add your name, you have to put your first and last name

Then, your telegram account is available for you


How to delete your telegram Account?

There are a few different ways to delete your telegram

1-log in your telegram account on your device and choose setting

2-tap on privacy and setting

3-scroll down to select  (delete my account if I’m away for) and change to  1 month

Adjusting the self-destruct settings allows you the option to change your mind within the period of inactivity

Manually deleting telegram

  • Go to the telegram deactivation page and enter your account phone number in the correct international format
  • Then, add a confirmation code that has been sent to your mobile number
  • You can enter a reason for leaving if you choose, before pressing done
  • A pop up asks are you sure? Click. Yes, delete my account
  • Your telegram account is now deleted and you can remove the app from your device

Exporting telegram data

1-open telegram desktop and choose settings

2-choose export telegram data

3-select export chat history and choose that type of data you would like to export

4-you can view your telegram data offline


















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