What is the difference between cyber security and information security?

There are many people use the terms cyber security and information security basics
This is because their goal is to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of information

peekerscitech talked about information security 
We will discuss with you the difference between cyber security and information security

Cyber security and information security

1-Information security

above all Any institution that has a business record or a personal or royal statement can be retained
You do not release from it
Any places or data belong to information security
Both in work and in paper records
and There are two categories of information security
First physical data protection through building safety
And the second access to electronic information is cyber information

2-Cyber information

It is the steps that the organization must take to protect information and reach vulnerabilities
It is possible for fraudsters to carry out attacks via the Internet or to plant malicious programs and e-mails instead of breaking into a building

and Security prevents the entry of a person into the organization, but cyber security reduces internal threats
Cyber security relies on physical security to reduce the likelihood of attack

The difference between cyber security and information security

firstly, Cyber information is for protecting data from outside the source

Information security is related to protect information from unauthorized user and have an ability to remove or access

secondly Cyber information is an ability to protect any data From any electronic attack

and Cyber information to protect anything related to internet

Information security protect data in different fields

thirdly Cyber security handled with any danger against cyber space
Information security protect data from any threats

fourthly Cyber security attacks any cyber crimes and cyber frauds
Information security Prevents access to unauthorized data

fifthly Cyber security deals with threats that may exist within Internet networks
Such as calculating social means and personal information


In short, information security is a technique that protects digital information from any threat or theft
But cyber security is a set of steps or ways to protect digital information
Security information is easy and is the presence of information in your device and protect it through the security of information
While protecting data and information from external sources in cyberspace





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