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Daily Mail Online : Coronation Street actress’s anger over fake Facebook page

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I’m not a spiteful person, I’m quite mellow.
Cinzia Lanza was targeted by online trolls who set up a fake account in her name after she transformed her looksA budding actress has hit out at online trolls who faked a Facebook page to post unflattering pictures of her on the internet.
Cinzia Lanza, who appeared as an extra in Coronation Street, has lost three stone after a decade of diet regimes.
Cinzia she said she didn’t know who was behind the hate campaign and reported the matter to the police and Facebook – who has since removed the page.
‘I use fake tan, as do a lot of girls and I’ve had breast augmentation but that was before I got married.

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Swedish fake fact-checker page pulled from Facebook

Swedish fake fact-checker page pulled from Facebook

Photo: Screen grabA Swedish fake fact-checking page reported on by Britain’s Guardian newspaper has been pulled from Facebook after a string of critical articles.
“We noticed that after we wrote the article, they wrote an article saying our article was fake,” Viralgranskaren’s Hugo Ewald told The Local.
Ewald said that although his colleagues had contacted Facebook to complain about the page, he did not think Facebook had taken the page down, as they had received no notifications from the social media company.
The Mediekollen page , which purported to be a fact-checking website but instead itself pushed propaganda and fake news, was removed from Facebook on Friday afternoon after Viralgranskaren, a fact-checking site run by Sweden’s Metro newspaper, contacted Facebook to complain and wrote an article on the site.
The Mediekollen page launched on Facebook on January 11th with a set-up very similar to Viralgranskaren, right down to the green “false” and red “true” stamps it used to brand stories it investigated.

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Hacker posts ‘horrific’ comments on fake Facebook page of A.C.’s Playground

Hacker posts 'horrific' comments on fake Facebook page of A.C.'s Playground

“People are outraged believing a Playground social media executive is actually responding in such a crude manner,” said spokeswoman Lisa Johnson.
“The Tower team is working diligently with their social media rep to try to get Facebook to take down the page.”
The comments, which ranged from grammar corrections to obscene language and racism, grew increasingly offensive on Saturday, according to several people who posted complaints on the Facebook page.
Ray Sheehan, who is paid to run the company’s social media accounts, told Breaking AC’s Lynda Cohen that they went through Facebook’s normal process, but that they haven’t yet regained control of the site.
The company’s other social media accounts don’t appear to be affected.

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