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Robot waiters serves food at Multan’s pizza outlet

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as declared in MULTAN: A pizzeria in Multan has suddenly become the focus of consumers’ attention, and not particularly because of aromas and tastes.
The reason: a rob­otic waitress is wandering about the restaurant and serving food to the diners.
More importantly, the robot has been developed by pizzeria owner’s son, an electrical engineering graduate from NUST Islamabad.
He said that people were coming to his pizzeria not only from Multan but even from the adjoining districts.
He said his son, Syed Osama Aziz, gave the unique idea of making a robotic waitress to give a boost to the business.

Robot waiter serves food in Multan’s pizza outlet


As it stated in A pizza outlet in Multan has introduced a robot waiter to serve customers.
Though it is an amazing effort but the robot waiter is not that sensitive to changes and has very less artificial intelligence.
His father is an owner of a food outlet ‘Pizza.com’ and has a keen interest in the field of Robotics.
Future plansAlthough the robot is currently in beta testing phase, Usama has plans to deploy similar robots in outlets in other cities, including Hyderabad.
Usama is currently testing the robot in one of the branches of Pizza.com in MultanAs it stated in The robot is actually built by a Pakistani student Syed Usama who is an alumnus of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).
A restaurant in Multan, Pakistan, actually has a robot that does the work of a waiter.
Usama aims to launch his robot in Pakistan’s Hyderabad city in the future.
(Credit: Facebook)It seems like technology is dangerously close to erasing all kinds of manual jobs in the future.
It reportedly took him just eight weeks to build the machine that he was inspired to construct after watching Chinese robots.

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