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Delete my Samsung account on Samsung smartphones (easy steps )

Delete my Samsung account will be easy if you read this article
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Now we advise to follow steps:

Delete my Samsung account

1- Open your Samsung Galaxy’s setting menu

Find and tap the wrench icon on your apps menu or swipe down the notifications bar from the top of your screen and press
We think that the first step is simple and do not need that to know more about technology

2-scroll down and press on cloud and accounts
You will find a yellow key icon on the setting menu
The second steps will help more easily so go on to follow
Samsung galaxy has become one of the best smartphones through past years

3-press accounts on the cloud and accounts page
Then will open a list of your saved accounts

4-scroll down and tap Samsung account
It will open Samsung account’s details on a new page

5-Then choose the account you desire to delete
Then press the one you desire to delete

6-after that you will find it in the upper right corner of your screen
You will open your options on a drop-down menu
7- choose to remove the account on the drop-down menu
You will watch some crucial information about deleting your account

8-do does not forget to scroll down and press ok
At the bottom
You should confirm your password on the next page
Then tap cancel

9-write your password
Enter your account password and press the confirm password field

10-finally, press remove the account on the bottom right
This option will confirm your password and remove the selected account

How to permanently remove Samsung account

1-firstly, you can open the Samsung account page
2-then enter with the account you have
3-after that enter the profile tab
4-you can select the delete account button
5-then confirm by entering the password in the column provided and go on
6-review action prevention options and confirm by pressing the confirm button
7-finally Samsung account will be deleted and complete by pressing the confirm button again




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