Let’s know about DNA to store the data

Scientists are working to solve the problem of storing a huge of data.
Scientists use DNA to store the Data.
Zero, and one could be pictures or video or anything,so  it works to store zero and one in two parts of DNA

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DNA to store the data

reason for its  uses , DNA is very small, so, It is possible to save a large amount of data on it
also,You can store billions of books and thousands of years in a test tube.
The amount of data available on the Internet equals 700 EB.
The other reason is that DNA is still there for millions of years.
And Compared to any other storage, it only stays for decades
DNA is endless, will still be able to save data for thousands of years.

How does it work?

The computer is electrical circuits that don’t understand without electricity.

Electrical circuits deal with only two areas, zero and one .
Using DNA to store data are not new.
LEONARD ADLEMAN is inventor for the important system Data encryption in the world
he said,That there is a great similarity between DNA and computer In the mode of operation.
In 2016,the research shared MDEG compressed film and store from DNA.
Columbia university discovered method is called (DNA FOUNTAIN) stores 215 mega bytes per gram of DNA.
It costs $7000 to 2 mega bytes.
University of Washington discovered the results for storing reaching to 200 MB of data
last research on encode data and how to perform Data Processing operation
Scientific research has proven the possibility of storing data on DNA.
DNA stores Data Thousands of times bigger than the current storage.
In 2012, MB storage was equals $12.000 but now is $3000.




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