Elon Musk and the first free internet satellites equipped for launch

Elon Musk Is the CEO of SpaceX

Last month, it announced the launch of a series of satellites to provide global coverage of the Internet from space

During his personal account on Twitter, he announced satellite images

Satellites are the first operational elements of  Starlink

starlink  is a small constellation of 12 thousand satellites

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Elon Musk

above all, The satellites are supposed to settle in low Earth orbit

The aim is to provide high-speed Internet connectivity and broadband access

and Satellites will be closer to the international space station

Also, the Federal Communications Commission allowed space x to launch two sets of satellites

The first constellation consists of 4409 satellites and  The second constellation is 7518 satellites

SpaceX is preparing to launch satellites in the coming years with a more serious commitment

It is preparing to launch 60 new satellites called the Proof

and Its aim is to plan the deployment of these satellites in orbit

SpaceX explained last month that despite the many design features

and it is equipped with antennas to communicate with the ground, but lacks the design features of the final planet

And will not be able to communicate with each other in orbit

also Elon Musk added that the satellites do not have an automatic distributor for deployment in orbit

Elon also announced that there would be a need for 60 satellites in low coverage and 12 launchings in medium coverage


Elon musk

He is an engineer and inventor who founded many companies from Space X and Tesla Motors

He was born in South Africa and became a millionaire at a young age

and He received a PhD in energy physics

In 2002 Space Space was founded to build commercial space flights

The company entered history after the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket

also He added a clear interest in artificial intelligence and entered a non-profit company to develop digital intelligence to serve humanity

For his personal life, he married twice and has five children





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