Equifax’s application has disappeared from Apple’s App Store and Google Play

Equifax’s application has disappeared from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Recently we have posted an article regarding the latest upgrade of the Google play store (APK), in which department we have covered which what advanced the fresh google play store brings as compared to the old one.
In which article, we came to realize which no UI changes were there but it looks such as Google Information Systems working on a fresh google play store by some UI changes on the server side.
Let’s check out the latest data or leaks about the upcoming version of the Google Play Store.
You can download the latest version of the google play store app from here.
You can see above images in which the difference between fresh and old google play store app Information Systems visible.

Facebook Messenger upgrade Download Available from Google Play Store

The facebook application Information Systems allowing you to write fresh posts, comment to posts, such as them or even share them.
However, the time it comes to private messages, this Information Systems the time facebook Messenger kicks in.
The facebook Messenger application Information Systems allowing you to send private messages, but also make voice and vidimus calls.
The latest facebook Messenger application for Android devices Information Systems
Facebook Messenger the method To Install
Facebook Messenger

Google google play store Deals: Download 31 toll free Premium Apps and 5 On-Sale Apps

The Google Play consists of different kinds of items like apps, games, icon packs for customization and very on.
Most of the app developers in the google play store publish their app and provide it for free.
Because we people here at Rayarena orderly share fresh Google google play store deals on several items.
Free AppsPaid Apps for toll free (Limited Time)Paid Games for toll free (Limited Time)Paid Icon Packs for toll free (Limited Time)Play Store Apps and Games DealsDeals on AppsDeals on GamesSlaughter €1,19 -> €0,59; 6 days leftSproggiwood €5.49 -> €0.99; 7 days leftThat’s all for this Tuesday, and we wish you liked all these deals and grabbed your favorite apps from the above.
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Google Play Store

Equifax’s app has disappeared from Apple’s App Store and Google Play

Equifax’s cell cell smartphone app has been removed from both the Apple iOS and Google Play app stores.
According to data from AppAnnie, the app was taken down the same day Equifax announced its huge safety breach (September 7).
Others have even got in in fake social safety numbers such as “123456” to be said which their data was likely impacted.
The pop-up directs users to the App Store–where they are informed the Equifax app Information Systems no longer available.
Meanwhile, Gov authorities are already looking into this summer’s safety breach.
Equifax’s app

Malicious apps removed from Google google play store after they infective users

Google removes 300 Android apps next DDoS attackGoogle has been forced to remove almost 300 apps from its google play store after learning which apps were being hijacked for DDoS attacks, an attack which ESET warned its followers on media about in early August.
The botnet, named WireX, Information Systems estimated to have possibly infective close to 70,000 devices before Google took action.
Once they became aware of the attack Google started the process of removing them, “we identified approximately 300 apps associated by the issue, blocked them from the Play Store, and we’re in the process of removing them from all affected devices”, told a Google spokesperson.
“The researchers’ findings, combined by our own analysis, have enabled America to better prevent Android users, everywhere”.
After discovering the issue and the fresh malicious apps, he immediately announced his findings to the Google safety team and shared the caution by users, “once I discovered this menace we immediately informed users out of our social networks to be aware of these malicious apps and by instructions the method to uninstall it”, he said.
Malicious apps

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